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Patient stories

Chuck's Story

In December of 2014, Chuck had not been feeling well and made an appointment to see Dr. Owen Vincent at the Crossing Rivers Health Clinic. During Chuck's appointment, Dr. Vincent checked his blood pressure and ran some blood work. His official weight was 301 lbs. Hear Chuck share the story of how he defeated diabetes - Chuck's D Day...

Kathy's Story

In December of 2016, Kathy fell down the steps on her patio and broke her arm in three places. Three separate surgeries were performed and occupational therapy was recommended to help regain range of motion and strength in her left arm. Hear Kathy share her journey to independence...

Dorothy Ferguson LSVT Big And LSVT Loud Services At Crossing Rivers Health In Prairie Du Chien Wisconsin

Dorothy's Story

Dorothy Ferguson's daughter, Noël, shares the story of her mother's journey with Lewy Body Disease and the memories that were relived through her LSVT therapy sessions. Read Dorothy's story...

Carleen's Story

A 3D mammogram detected Carleen's breast cancer on June 28, 2016 - a day she will never forget. Hear Carleen's story, her inspiring message to women, and how her journey unleashed a strength she didn't realize she had. Hear Carleen share her story...

Chelsea's Story

Chelsea shares her experiences with Dr. Matthew Olson at the Crossing Rivers Health Clinic and the Birthing Center at Crossing Rivers Health Medical Center. Hear Chelsea share why she thought Crossing Rivers Health was the perfect place to go.

Gene Ehlinger The Crossing Rivers Health Emergency Department Saved My Life

Gene and Dawn's Story

Dawn will never forget the day that she received a call from Gene saying that something was wrong with his heart. He had a slim-to-none chance of surviving. Hear Dawn share their story...

Mary's Story

Mary visited Crossing Rivers Health Urgent Care with minor complaints of back pain and overall fatigue. She was quickly triaged to emergency care and hospitalized for a life threatening infection. Hear Mary share her story...

Paige's Story

Paige and Chris Hirsch came all the way from Texas to have Terri Payne deliver their baby. "The environment that Crossing Rivers Health is able to provide is so refreshing, healing and calming. It was an absolute joy to have had such a beautiful birth experience here.” Hear Paige share her story...

Treatment For Urinary Incontinence At Crossing Rivers Health Center For Specialty Care In Prairie Du Chien Wisconsin

Kelli's Story

Kelli suffered for the past 26 years from a condition that she recently discovered is very common and can easily be repaired. Every sneeze, every cough, every time she ran, jumped and even intimacy was causing incontinence. It was there ever day with everything she did. Read Kelli's story...

Dr Timothy King Treatment For Ear Nose Throat Head And Neck At Crossing Rivers Health Center For Specialty Care In Prairie Du Chien Wisconsin

Jack's Story

As a baby, Jack suffered from regular ear infections and severe colds. As he got older, he would snore and had a horrible time sleeping. His mom, Kim, thought he was exhausted all the time. Read more...

Obstetrics And Midwife Services Available At Crossing Rivers Health Clinic In Fennimore Wisconsin And Prairie Du Chien Wisconsin

The Fry Family Story

50 fingers, 50 toes, and countless reasons to be thankful. Meagan and Jackson Fry have a full house with Brooklynn, 8, Gregory, 4, Kelsi, 3, Maci, almost 2, and Carly, almost four weeks old.  All five children have been delivered by Terri Payne, Family Nurse Practitioner and Midwife at Crossing Rivers Health. Read their story...

Obstetrics Services Available At Crossing Rivers Health Clinic In Fennimore Wisconsin And Prairie Du Chien Wisconsin

Tia and Stephen's Story

With medical provider and birthing plan in place, Tia Marshall felt as if she had everything set and ready to welcome baby Stephen into the world. While driving to Prairie du Chien for her 13-year-old son Christopher’s basketball game, baby Stephen decided to come early, and quickly. Read more...

Poots Web

LoriAnn's Story

Free from pelvic pain, heavy periods, and incontinence. "I'm not embarrassed to share what I went through because my hope is to help someone. If my story will help another woman find direction, it's all worth it." Read her story...

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