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60th Anniversary

Celebrating 60 years of healthcare

The past 60 years of providing service to the communities of southwest Wisconsin and northeast Iowa has just been phenomenal. Please join us in celebrating 60 years of providing healthcare by sharing memorable moments, advancements in healthcare, and your own Crossing Rivers Health story.

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60 years of memories

Crossing Rivers Health staff members, board members, and volunteers reminisce on the last 60 years of healthcare. Congratulations Crossing Rivers Health!

Javier Alvarez, Occupational Therapy

Javier talks about a five year plan that turned into over 18 years and a special friendship he made along the way.

Barb Welsch, Laboratory Director

Barb has worked at Crossing Rivers Health for over 26 years. In 1989, she accepted a position here to be closer to family and didn't realize that she would gain a whole new family.

Terri Achenbach, Maintenance Associate

Terri started working at Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital on June 22, 1988. Terri shares a funny story and very memorable moment from when she was a member of the Materials Management department.

Karen Brewer, Nutrition Services Director

Karen shares a congratulations message to Prairie du Chien Memorial/Crossing Rivers Health in honor of the 60th anniversary.

Sherry Ariss, Executive Assistant

Sherry has been an employee of Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital/Crossing Rivers Health for 27 years. She reflects on personal and professional memories and milestones.

Jayne Prew, Director of Surgical Services

Jayne started with Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital/Crossing Rivers Health in 1986. She has watched the organization grow, and the organization has watched her grow as well.

Zita Balk, Patient Registration Manager

Zita has worked at Crossing Rivers Health for 46 years. She has seen many changes. She talks about her stay at the hospital - both as an employee and as a patient.

Danielle Swiggum, Director of Patient Family Services

Danielle has been with our organization for 14 years. She reflects on her most constant memory from the last 60 years - the compassion shared by the staff at Crossing Rivers Health.

Chris Schroeder, Director of Obstetrical Services

Chris has been with Crossing Rivers Health for 30 years now. Immediately, she knew there was something special about this organization. Hear her share why, along with her proudest moment.

Lynn Groom, Education Coordinator

Lynn is going into her 20th year with the organization. She reflects on changes in the healthcare industry and shares a memorable moment during the change from paper to the electronic health record, along with the one thing that hasn't changed in the last 60 years.

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