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Association membership

The Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital Association, Inc., DBA Crossing Rivers Health, shall be composed of three levels of membership, consisting of no more than 175 voting members.

Each member of the Corporation in good standing and recognized by the Board of Directors as a voting member shall be qualified to vote on any issue that may properly come before any meeting of the membership of the Corporation and to hold any office in the Corporation to which he/she may be elected or appointed.

The following are recognized as members of the Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital Association, Inc.

Lifetime members

"Lifetime Membership" will be conferred upon all those who contribute the sum of $100 or more to further the objectives of the corporation. The following are considered Lifetime members:

  • American Legion Auxiliary
  • Catholic Women's Club
  • Eagles Club
  • Patch Grove Township
  • Prairie du Chien Chapter FFA
  • St. John's Holy Name Society
  • Chad or Lisa Abram
  • M. Connie Achenbach
  • William L. Adamany
  • Beverly Anderson
  • Jean Bacon
  • Jane Baker
  • Mike or Zita Balk
  • Peggy Barton
  • Judith Bebow
  • Mary or Randy Bell
  • Irene Beneker
  • Marilu Bintz, MD
  • Jean Blake
  • James or Patricia Boldt
  • Gary or Patricia Bowden
  • Harold Brown
  • Larry or Maria Brummel
  • Pat or Kathy Buenzli
  • Gloria Bunders
  • William Burke
  • Steven Bush, MD
  • Noel A. or Rose A. Cantu
  • Orlyn Chunat
  • Tim Clark
  • Charlie or Terri Connell
  • Philip or Patricia Dagnon
  • Samantha or Cory Donahue
  • Harlow Duerst
  • Sasha Dull
  • Lisa Esser
  • Ron Falch
  • Joseph or Joanne Faust
  • R. Timothy Fitzner, MD
  • Beth Fortner
  • Paul Frigoli
  • Karen Fritsche
  • Laurie Fritz
  • Mary Frydenlund
  • Eric or Betty Frydenlund
  • Kathleen Garrity
  • Roy C. or Vicki George
  • Paul or Linda Ginkel
  • Ivar "Skip" or Donna Gjolberg
  • Jim Greenwald
  • Sherri Grindeland
  • Martha Hoeger
  • Donald Hoegsberg
  • Jackie Johnsrud
  • Paul Johnston
  • Kurt Jorgensen, MD
  • Mary J. Kauffman
  • Robert or Rita Kazda R
  • Randall or Mara Kieser
  • Heidi Hochhausen
  • Earl Hochhausen
  • Marsha Konichek
  • Diane Koth
  • Kimberly Krogan
  • Ed or Kristy Lawrence
  • Jim or Leanne Lessard
  • Matt or Nicole Martin
  • Sherwood Matti
  • Robert McDonald
  • Michael or Susan McMillan
  • Duane or Tonya Millard
  • Vicki Miller
  • Joyce Montour
  • Emilie Mumm
  • Duane or Sandra Nagle
  • Julia Nelson
  • Brad Nicholson
  • Madonna Nies
  • Leroy Ohlert
  • Gabriel Oosthuysen
  • Ken or Brenda Pankow
  • Pamela J. Pelz
  • Rick Peterson
  • Geneva Pomerening
  • Mattie Rademacher
  • Daryl or Linda Remington
  • Kathleen Rider
  • Heidi S. Rockweiler
  • Dick or Carol Rogers
  • Elizabeth K. Ryan
  • John Ryan
  • Linda Schoulte
  • Sue Schultz
  • Robert Sebastian
  • William or Melyssa Sexton
  • Monica Shedivy
  • Ernest Siegenthaler
  • John Slama
  • Kurt R. or Peggy Smith
  • Alice Staples
  • Garith or Julie Steiner
  • Debra Sullivan
  • Denise Thornton
  • Betsy Thorson
  • Frank M. Tiller
  • Chad Trautsch
  • Chris Trentin
  • Owen Vincent, DO
  • Trudy Wachter
  • Anthony Wagner
  • Kenneth or Judith Wall
  • Janette Weisensale
  • Lynda Welter
  • Ren or Bev Whitaker
  • Sandra White
  • Thomas Wilkes
  • Mark or Becky Willems
  • Ellen or Dan Winkleski
  • Ellen Zwirlein

Permanent members

"Permanent Membership" shall be conferred on those designated by the donors of gifts of $500 or more. Each gift of $500 or more by a family or firm entitles the family or firm to two permanent memberships. The following are deemed Permanent Association members:

  • Alliant Energy
  • Lady Luck
  • Peoples State Bank
  • Peterson, Antoine, & Peterson
  • 3M Company
  • Dick Epley
  • Thomas F. Farrell Jr.
  • Ann Grunwald, MD
  • Mark Grunwald, MD
  • Anthony or Kimberly Kurtz

Governmental members

"Governmental Subdivision Membership" shall be conferred on any governmental unit, corporation or other business entity making a contribution of $3,000 or more to further the objectives of the Corporation.

There are no Governmental Subdivision Members at this time.

Those interested in learning more about being a member of the Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital Association, Inc. may contact Crossing Rivers Health Administration at 608.357.2236.

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