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Preparing for the future

Safeguard your family & your legacy

We'll help make it a little easier

Preparing for the unexpected and gathering information for your estate plan or will can feel overwhelming. To simplify, consider this process in three steps.

Step 1:

Learn about your options for will planning and filing a Healthcare and Financial Power of Attorney. The information provided below is meant to help you give thought to each decision, and to get those ideas down on paper.

Step 2:

Organize your assets and make sure you have each account, title, etc., documented. Keep this information in a convenient, secure place so you can easily return to it and continue working if need be.

Step 3:

Share your intentions with loved ones, your executor and any charities you may include. If you've formalized your will with your attorney, be sure your executor has your attorney’s name and contact information.

Simple resources to get you started

The Crossing Rivers Health Foundation is happy to provide you with free resources to help you document the basics of planning for the future. Remember to consult your attorney with any questions and to formalize your wishes.

Request free planning resources

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