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Haley's Story

Haley and Dan Kregel welcomed their first son, Bridger, into the world in September 2019.


“The Monday before Bridger was born I had an appointment with my provider, Dr. Stacey Blackburn, and found that my blood pressure was elevated, which it had been often during my pregnancy. Later that day, my body began doing what it was supposed and the labor process was starting on its own.”

Dr. Blackburn had Haley and Dan come into Crossing Rivers Health to begin the monitoring process.


“Throughout Monday night and into Tuesday, things started happening and everything was going well. The nurses were so friendly and made us feel right at home, which helped ease any anxiety and nerves we were feeling at that point.”

During pregnancy, it is often said to expect the unexpected. With the way labor was progressing for Haley, they would not have thought that statement would prove true.

“As the morning progressed into the afternoon, things progressed quickly. Around noon, I began pushing. After about two hours, nothing was really changing. The staff was monitoring me and the baby to make sure we were safe. Bridger’s heart rate began to drop a bit and he was in the posterior position, meaning he was face up rather than face down.”

Dr. Blackburn talked with Haley and Dan about delivering Bridger by cesarean section.

“I trusted Dr. Blackburn so much. She was very calm and we felt we were in good hands. Together, we decided that we would proceed with the cesarean section. Things happened pretty quickly and it was amazing to see how everything happened to make sure we were safe.”

Haley and Dan were impressed with the care provided by the staff.

“That environment can be intimidating and scary, but the OB staff and the surgical team worked together to explain everything to us and make sure we were fully aware. The care was top notch and it was phenomenal. They assured us that we were being well-taken care of. To see the teams from OB and surgery come together, they didn’t miss a beat and it was just amazing.”

After the delivery, exceptional care continued.

“My nurses were absolutely amazing – I say they’re my heroes because I don’t know how I would have gotten through it without them. The postpartum care and the teaching was fabulous.”


One thing that really stood out to Haley and Dan was a special dinner organized by the nursing staff.

“Bridger came a bit earlier than expected. We had joked and told the nurses that Friday night was going to be our last date just the two of us, even though we would not have changed the course of events any other way. That Friday, we were still in the hospital. The nurses worked with Nutrition Services to give us a candlelight dinner for our last date or our first date as new parents. It was so nice that they took the extra steps to give us a special time.”

Haley and Dan have much appreciation for their experience at Crossing Rivers Health.

“I have such a sense of pride for the care that’s provided here at Crossing Rivers Health. We want to thank everyone for the care they gave and to help us have our son here – healthy and safe – and to help us start our family here. It means so much.”

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