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Jason's Story

Jason and Miranda are parents of three children - Layla, Emerson, and Eva. All three of their children have been delivered at Crossing Rivers Health, where Miranda is a registered nurse in the OB Department. During their most recent delivery of Eva, Jason felt comfort in knowing the level of care, they would receive from the Crossing Rivers Health staff.

“I knew all I had to do was get my wife here. Once I did that, the OB staff took care of everything. I knew we were in good hands, and I was able to sit back and enjoy the process. The meals were good, the couches convert to beds that were comfortable, they provided breastfeeding assistance, and any help we could ask for. As a dad, it was pretty worry-free. It was a very positive experience.”

My wife as an OB nurse

After the birth of his children, Jason has a new perspective on his wife’s career.

“Nursing can be a high-tense, high-stress environment, and it was just amazing to see the OB staff do what they do. The nurses were always helping out and looking after all of us. Seeing what the staff does first-hand and knowing that Miranda does this every day she’s at work - she’s an amazing woman and she gets a lot of props from me for being able to do that.”

Jason appreciates that working in the OB Department is more than just a career for Miranda. The OB team is like a second family.

“After Layla was born, we struggled for a few years to get pregnant again. I had asked her at one point if she wanted to leave the OB department, wondering if it was too hard for her to be around babies during that time. Because of the camaraderie and support of her co-workers, she didn’t even consider it. Her co-workers were able to help her and help us through that experience.”

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