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Jimmy's Story

The delivery of Jimmy and Kelsey’s son, Griffin, consisted of a thirty-eight-hour labor.

“Because of the duration, we had experiences with multiple nurses due to shift changes. I found myself getting really attached to one of the nurses because she would take such good care of us. When there was a shift change, and a new nurse was coming in, I would get a little nervous. What I found was that there was so much consistency in all the nurses we had experiences with. They all took great care of us and showed us a lot of love and compassion.”

As a husband and soon-to-be father, Jimmy had moments during Kelsey’s labor where he felt incredibly vulnerable.

“You’re supposed to be that protector of your family, and you’re supposed to keep them safe. When I knew my wife was having such a hard time, it caused me to have a hard time just because I could only do so much to help. I had to rely on the professionals.”

Jimmy was already familiar with Crossing Rivers Health through his service as the Vice President of the Crossing Rivers Health Foundation Board of Directors.

“I felt like I had a good idea of the wonderful care provided by the staff at Crossing Rivers Health. However, it wasn’t until the birth of our son that I was able to experience that from the patient perspective, which reinforced the wonderful things I already knew. The organization is filled with passionate, skillful, loving people that put patients first. They constantly asked me if I was doing ok, if I was comfortable, if there was anything I needed, so I really felt like a patient, too. They are all very passionate about what they do, and we were very thankful for that through our entire experience.”

My wife as an OB nurse

Jimmy's wife, Kelsey, is a nurse in the obstetrics department at Crossing Rivers Health. Jimmy has always been very supportive of Kelsey’s education and training as a nurse.

“My wife has only ever wanted to do two things in her life since she was a little girl; be a nurse and be a mom. She’s living her dream, which I think is really special.”

Seeing Kelsey’s co-workers in action, opened Jimmy’s eyes to many things that he wasn’t aware of.

“The biggest surprise for me was the level of skill sets that nurses require – they have to be proficient in so many things, and that really opened my eyes to what my wife does. On top of the skills, they have to simultaneously have that love for their patients. I’ve always known that Kelsey was going to be and is a great nurse. Now, I have a deeper respect for what she does, and I am even more proud of her schooling and her profession. Kelsey’s so passionate, caring, loving, and wears her heart on her sleeve. I’m just so proud of my wife.”

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