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Joan's COVID-19 Journey

Joan, a resident of Crawford County, isn’t sure how she contracted COVID-19 back in late December. She recalled having a terrible headache and shakiness, so she decided she better make a trip to the Crossing Rivers Health Emergency Department. The illness ultimately caused Joan to be hospitalized at Crossing Rivers Health, where she spent 41 days recovering from the virus.

Her stay in the hospital was the longest Joan has ever had to endure. Making it even more challenging, was being away from her husband of 64 years, Bud. Joan shared, “A number of times Bud and I have agreed that we are so lucky to have this hospital right here.”

Joan shared that if Crossing Rivers Health hadn’t had the Vapotherm high velocity ventilation equipment, she wouldn’t have been able to be cared for close to home. “I’m so thankful, and my whole family is as well, that I was able to stay here in town and not have to be sent up to LaCrosse.”

In a heartwarming send-off, Crossing Rivers Health staff from departments across the organization enthusiastically cheered Joan on as she left the medical center.

“Throughout my entire stay, everyone was so wonderful – from nursing, respiratory, and the aides – everyone has all been so great.” Joan added, “I just can’t say enough about my stay here.”

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