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Meant To Be - LaVonne's Story

LaVonne Luther and her son reside in Dayton Beach, Florida and visit the area every year on Memorial Day weekend. During their visit in 2019, LaVonne became very sick.

"My son called 911, and the rescue squad brought me to Crossing Rivers Health. I had a very serious infection, and I didn't even realize it until I became very, very ill."

At 96 years old, an infection could be very serious for LaVonne's health. She went from the Emergency Department to the Special Care Unit and then into the Inpatient Unit.

"I really can't even put into words how the care I received at Crossing Rivers Health has helped me heal and get to this point. There has to be something special here that a group of people work so well together, are considerate of one another, and truly enjoy working here."

During her stay at Crossing Rivers Health, LaVonne continually impressed the staff with her optimism and positivity.

"The care here has been absolutely marvelous. I can't say anything that would be bad. The people are kind, considerate, courteous, and most of all, so caring. If anyone has to be admitted to the hospital, I can only hope they would have the kind of care that I have experienced here. It would make the world so much better."

LaVonne's care team established goals for LaVonne's progress and closely monitored her along the way.

"Coming here as sick as I was, if there hadn't been people here that really wanted to help me - I don't know what would have happened. I think that it was meant to be that I got sick while I was in Prairie du Chien and that I was brought here. This is a remarkable hospital."

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