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Stuart's Story

Stuart and Deanna have three children – Reagan, Grayson, and Bronson. Reagan and Grayson were ready to enter the world before expected and were delivered premature, preventing Deanna from delivering close to home. Bronson was delivered at Crossing Rivers Health.

“It was a wonderful experience to deliver right here in Prairie du Chien and not have to travel an hour or two. The whole experience was wonderful and eye-opening."

Since Deanna is a registered nurse in the OB Department at Crossing Rivers Health, Stuart felt at ease during the entire birthing experience.

“I already knew some of Deanna’s co-workers personally. From a patient perspective, the care was wonderful, and they left such a big impression on me. It was almost like we were in our living room, surrounded by family and friends. We were welcoming Bronson to our family, but we were part of a bigger family.”

Stuart was impressed by the level of care provided by the OB team.

“I was included in everything, and it was just a wonderful experience. I was impressed and amazed at the quality of the care provided by the OB staff.”

My wife as an OB nurse

Stuart has always had respect for Deanna as a nurse, but his experience as a patient gave him a new appreciation for her career.

“I knew Deanna was a nurse, but we did our own thing. I didn’t realize what all she did in any given day. When we delivered here, it was amazing to see what she did. I was just so impressed and really blown away by what she does. To see it first-hand, I was like, ‘You do this?’ It gave me a whole new respect for her and really left a big mark on me.”

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