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Annual training for current volunteers

All returning volunteers must complete annual education to continue their volunteer service at Crossing Rivers Health. Annual training allows you to stay compliant with Crossing Rivers Health and Joint Commission Standards, as well as get a refresher on important topics to keep you, patients, families, and staff safe.

If you are a current volunteer, please complete the each step of the required annual education below:

  1. Read the Volunteer Orientation Manual.
  2. Form: Submit Orientation Manual Acknowledgement form
  3. Read about Journey of Excellence & Standards of Behavior
  4. Form: Submit Standards of Behavior form
  5. Read about Infection Control
  6. Quiz: Take the Infection Control & Prevention quiz
  7. Read about OSHA/Safety Emergency Codes/Response
  8. Quiz: Take the OSHA/Safety Emergency Codes/Response quiz
  9. Read about HIPAA & Corporate Compliance
  10. Quiz: Take the Privacy, Security, and You / HIPAA quiz
  11. Form: Sign the acknowledgement of HIPAA training form
  12. Form: Read & sign the Confidentiality Agreement
  13. Form: Read & sign the Social Media Guidelines for Personal Use policy
  14. Form: Read & sign the Code of Conduct
  15. Form: Read & sign the Orientation Checklist

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