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Volunteer Orientation

New volunteer orientation and current volunteer annual training allows new and current volunteers to readily have access to information necessary for meeting orientation and annual training requirements for placement. This orientation must be completed prior to the first day of your placement.

Please complete all 7 steps.

Step 1 - Welcome to Crossing Rivers Health!

Welcome to Crossing Rivers Health!

Step 2 - Read the Volunteer Orientation Manual and Submit Acknowledgement Form

Read the Volunteer Orientation Manual below.


Complete this acknowledgment form:

Complete Acknowledgement Form

Step 3 - Read Journey of Excellence & Standards of Behavior and Sign Policy

Read the Journey of Excellence and Service Exellence Standards of Behavior presentation:


Then, read the policy and sign here:

Read our Journey of Excellence and Service Excellence Standards and complete the Standards of Behavior Policy

Step 4 - Read Infection Control, OSHA, and HIPAA & Compliance and Complete Each Quiz

Review each of the following presentations and complete each corresponding quiz.

Infection Control

Please read the Infection Control presentation.


Once you have reviewed the Infection Control presentation, please complete this quiz:

Take the Infection Control & Prevention Quiz


Please read the OSHA/Safety Emergency Codes/Response presentation.

Once you have reviewed the OSHA/Safety Emergency Codes/Response, please complete this quiz:

Take the OSHA/Safety/Emergency Codes/Response Quiz

HIPAA & Compliance

Please read the Infection Control presentation.

Once you have reviewed the HIPAA & Corporate Compliance presentation, please complete these 2 steps:

1. Take the Privacy, Security, and You: Protecting Patient Confidentiality under HIPAA Quiz

2. Sign the Acknowledgement of HIPAA Training

Step 5 - Read and Sign Each Policy

Click on the each of the links below to read and sign the following:

Due to federal and state regulations an policy of Crossing Rivers Health, you will not be given a start date or be allowed to give any service, until all of the required paperwork has been completed, including orientation and health requirements.

Step 6 - TB Tests

All NEW volunteers will need to turn in the results of TWO recent TB tests (these need to be less than one year old). There are some exceptions to this, based on your TB test history.

Step 7 - Flu Vaccination

Health Requirements – Flu Vaccination (October – April)

Mandatory flu vaccines support our purpose and our values.

  • Providing a safe environment for our patients is our responsibility.
  • It is our moral obligation not to infect others, especially those in our care.
  • A mandatory flu program protects our patients from further injury, supporting our values of integrity, compassion, and excellence.
  • A mandatory flu vaccine program demonstrates a commitment to employee and volunteer health and safety, reduces absenteeism and enhances productivity.

Crossing Rivers Health offers the flu vaccination to you free of charge, OR you can get your flu vaccination elsewhere and bring us documentation. If you get the flu vaccine elsewhere, your documentation should include:

  • Your name and date of birth
  • The type of vaccine given
  • The date of the injection
  • The signature of the person who gave you the injection

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