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Free Skin Cancer Screening at the Fennimore Clinic

Concerned about the following:

  • Past sun or tanning bed exposure
  • Family history of melanoma or skin cancer
  • Itching or changing moles?

Crossing Rivers Health Clinic in Fennimore will be offering FREE Skin Cancer Screenings the entire month of March.

Learn about skin protection, understand the signs of skin cancer, and receive complimentary suncreen.

Schedule your screening today by calling 608.357.2500.

How does it work?

Crossing Rivers Health is waiving the usual office call visit to promote skin cancer awareness and early detection. If removal or additional testing is needed, charges will apply. Please bring insurance information to expedite any prescribed treatment.

The Crossing Rivers Health Fennimore Clinic is located within the main entrance of the Health Science Center on the Southwest Tech campus. Designated patient parking is available.

Please note - this free screening is only taking place at the Fennimore Clinic at this time.

Date detail: The entire month of March
Start time: 7:30 AM
End time: 4:30 PM
Location: Crossing Rivers Health Fennimore Clinic
Cost: Free
Contact: Crossing Rivers Health Clinic
Phone: 608.357.2500