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Flannel Check 2022

This February, to heighten the awareness of prevalent diseases which impact our service area, Crossing Rivers Health is inviting you to join the Flannel Check Challenge.

Many illnesses have their own color, which brings attention and awareness: Breast cancer is pink, prostate cancer is light blue, melanoma and mental illness are black, heart disease is red, and so on.

Why flannel?

Flannel represents many diseases in one colorful pattern.

How can you participate in the Flannel Check Challenge?

Schedule your annual wellness screening

This is the most important part of Flannel Check. Early detection of and screening for diseases increases cure rates. If you're putting off a health screening, Flannel Check is your time to schedule your annual wellness screening.

Meet our Crossing Rivers Health Clinic providers and schedule an appointment.

Wear flannel to raise awareness

Wear the flannel or plaid pattern that includes the color ribbons that resonate for you – during the Flannel Check Challenge! Your efforts may help to save lives through awareness and education on the importance of early detection and screenings.

Crossing Rivers Health challenges you to gather friends, family, or coworkers to strike a pose and take a selfie on National Flannel Day, Thursday, February 10th. If it’s not a flannel or plaid shirt, grab a scarf, socks, or anything else in various colors. Tag friends and businesses to take action and share their #FlannelCheck Challenge. Post your photo on Facebook with #FlannelCheck and tag Crossing Rivers Health.

Share the Flannel Check message

Please talk with your friends, family, coworkers, and others about your commitment to your well-being, and invite them to schedule their health checks. You have the power to change your community, one conversation at a time!