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Donation request

Crossing Rivers Health takes pride in supporting both individuals and organizations within our service area. Please review our online funding request process, which helps us determine your eligibility while collecting pertinent information needed to make a timely decision.

Community relations funding request

Areas of priority

  • Health and wellness
  • Safety/prevention
  • Community betterment
  • Disaster response and recovery
  • Sponsored causes (involvement/commitment from three or more Crossing Rivers Health employees and/or partners)


Consideration will be given to requests that address the previously identified community needs or Crossing Rivers Health areas of priority. All applications will be given full consideration, but approval is not guaranteed.

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Scholarship application

Scholarship purpose and objective

The Scholarship Committee of Crossing Rivers Health hopes to aid educational endeavors of the service area's youth by offering scholarships to area graduating high school seniors. These scholarships will be offered in the form of grants to students who aspire to continue their education in a health care occupation, with the exception of those intending to apply for medical school. It is the committee's intent that this program will promote higher education in the health care occupations. It is considered an investment for continued professional staff recruitment at Crossing Rivers Health and Prairie Maison.


  • The Scholarship Committee of Crossing Rivers Health will award scholarships each year to qualifying students who are pursuing higher education in a health care occupation. The number of scholarships awarded for health occupations will be based upon the finances available in the scholarship account. The maximum amount of a scholarship is $8,000.
  • Scholarships for health occupations shall be awarded to graduating high school seniors from the hospital’s health care service area.
  • The Chief Executive Officer or his designee will contact the area school guidance departments regarding the availability of the scholarship program.
  • Selected scholarship applicants, along with their parent(s) and/or guardian(s), will be interviewed by Crossing Rivers Health’s Scholarship Committee or a designee. The Chief Executive Officer or his designee will also contact the respective school guidance counselor regarding applicants for the scholarship.
  • Scholarships will be awarded based upon the following criteria (not necessarily listed in the order of importance): Scholastic Ability (class standing, extra curricular activity); Administrative Interview and Recommendation; Applicants must be accepted into or enrolled in a health occupation program.
  • Future employment at Crossing Rivers Health or Prairie Maison will be given important consideration in awarding the scholarships.
  • The Scholarship Committee of Crossing Rivers Health will review and make the final decision on the awarding of scholarships.
  • The Crossing Rivers Health Scholarship Committee shall be responsible for investing scholarship funds in a timely manner; all accounting and reports relating to the scholarship fund shall be prepared by the Chief Executive Officer or his designee.
  • Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the college designated by the recipient with the first year payment being submitted at the beginning of the second semester. Subsequent payments will be submitted at the beginning of each of the following semesters. Total payments will not exceed $8,000.
  • A commitment of employment at Crossing Rivers Health or Prairie Maison is a condition of the awarded scholarship. Scholarship funds are forgiven at the rate of $1.50 per hour for each hour worked as an employee. If there is not a position available within 60 days of graduation, the loan is forgiven in its entirety.
  • Recipient must maintain good progress and academic standing in the program. Nonconformance or withdrawal from the program will require immediate payback of all funds to Crossing Rivers Health. The balance due shall include the principal plus interest computed at an annual rate and compounded quarterly from the date of disbursement.
  • All applications become the property of Crossing Rivers Health.


Cover Letter and scholarship application here (Word) or (PDF)
Applications are due no later than Friday, March 23, 2018.

Submit to

Chief Executive Officer 
Crossing Rivers Health 
37868 US Hwy 18
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

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