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Welcome to the Hangout!

Your mission, should you chose to accept it...

No, this page will not self destruct in five seconds. Here are some ways you can carry out the mission of the CRH Crew:


Enjoy social media and feel comfortable with different aspects of digital media? Here are some opportunities for you:

Let's get social!

Want to help us share our good news with your friends? Put your social channels to work!

Social HorsePower
Check out this virtual platform that the CRH Crew will be utilizing to share all content - it's called Social HorsePower or SocialHP. You will receive an invite to become an exclusive CRH Crew member of Social HP.

By using Social HP, we are able to see all kinds of cool (and geeky) data! This data allows us to see likes, shares, comments, how many people your posts reach, along with other cool info. 

Regular assignments will be posted to the calendar in Social HP. You will also be able to see all the posts shared to the Crossing Rivers Health Facebook page. In addition to the assignments, please feel free to share whatever you find interesting and shareworthy.

Create your own posts
You can also create your own posts from Social HP. Looking for inspiration? Here are some starters:

  • As an employee of Crossing Rivers Health, I...
  • My favorite part of my workday at Crossing Rivers Health is...
  • Did you know that Crossing Rivers Health offers X service/program/education...

Please note - Social HP is a super cool tool, however, please only use it for CRH Crew activity. :)

Check it out!

Think we're a 5-star org? Give us a review!

We love good reviews! Not only do we love them, but others make decisions based on them. Here's some information on how to submit reviews on different platforms:


We have numerous listings on Google and each listing has individual reviews.

How do you submit a review?

When you google any of the terms below, you will see a box with a map and business details, along with the ability to write a review or answer quick questions. Here are the different Google listings for our organization:

  • Crossing Rivers Health
  • Crossing Rivers Health Clinic
  • Crossing Rivers Health Fennimore Clinic
  • Crossing Rivers Health Emergency Department
  • Crossing Rivers Health Child Care
  • Crossing Rivers Health Home Medical Equipment Retail Store
  • Crossing Rivers Health Rehabilitation & Therapy
  • Crossing Rivers Health Urgent Care
  • Crossing Rivers Health Behavioral Health
  • Crossing Rivers Health Center for Specialty Care
  • Jerry's Gift Shoppe


Visit the Crossing Rivers Health Facebook page, select Reviews, and write a review. It's that easy!


Glassdoor is one of the world's largest job and recruiting sites. 

Visit On the top navigation bar, towards the right, there is an option to Write Review. You can submit a Company Review, Salary, Interview Review, and Benefits Review. 

Search Crossing Rivers Health and complete the short form.


Indeed is the #1 job site in the world with over 250 million unique visitors every month. 

Visit On the top navigation bar, towards the left, select Company Reviews. Search Crossing Rivers Health and select your star rating. Once you do that, another search bar will open. Search Crossing Rivers Health again and complete the short form.

The Social Media - Guidelines for Personal Use policy on MCN includes some helpful tips and tricks that may be helpful. Please feel free to review the policy as you see necessary.

Review the Social Media policy


Visit the Crossing Rivers Health Facebook page, select Reviews, and write a review. It's that easy!

Boots on the ground

Have you been to the grocery store or out to dinner when someone has approached you with questions about Crossing Rivers Health? We all have. As a Crew member, you'll have the resources necessary to assist with those opportunities.

Crew Tool Kit

Stash your Crew Tool Kit in your car, your purse, or your gym bag for a handy reference whenever you need it. The toolkit consists of resources, Joy cards, talking points, inquiry cards, and an activity log. 

Need to refresh your tool kit? Great! Please complete a marketing work order at the link below.

Request materials

Speaking opportunities

We're developing a speaker's bureau as a community resource to help promote health and wellness. If you know an organization that is looking for a speaker on a healthcare-related topic, help us make the connection! Please contact the Education department at to assist in coordinating details.

Learn more about the Speaker's Bureau

Community wellness

Want to get involved with wellness initiatives in your community? That's fantastic! We would love to help. Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Gather friends and family to participate in a 5K
  • Start a wellness challenge within your community 
  • Participate in a local farmer's market or help promote area markets
  • Teach a wellness class
  • Participate in a local sports league
  • Organize or promote a current walking program
  • Organize a healthy recipe cookbook fundraiser

Once you've gathered your initial thoughts, contact the Communications team at and we can work together to make the initiative a success! 


As a Crew member, we'll look to you regularly to report back with the intel you've received from the community and will  ask for feedback on campaigns, ads, and other marketing pieces. 

Would you like to report some Crew activity? Have feedback, ideas or suggestions? Please submit them at the link below.

Activity log or questions

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