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CRH Crew

Champions of health & agents of joy!

What is the CRH Crew?

The CRH Crew is an exclusive brand advocacy program championed by the Communications team and created to engage Crossing Rivers Health’s biggest fans in helping to inform our communities about the services, stories, and impact our organization makes every day.

Being a member of the CRH Crew is a voluntary, unpaid opportunity that will provide an opportunity to get involved in Crossing Rivers Health on a deeper level.

The CRH Crew program:

  • Empowers employees to effectively communicate about Crossing Rivers Health within their circles of influence
  • Creates unique opportunities to spread joy and foster goodwill through regular Special Ops assignments
  • Encourages positive work culture and participate in mentorship opportunities

What do members of the CRH Crew do?

  • Inform and educate, creating a stronger awareness of our services, resources, and stories of impact
  • Serve as trusted representatives of Crossing Rivers Health 
  • Provide feedback on outreach opportunities, marketing campaigns, messaging and reputation
  • Perform Special Ops by spreading the organization’s value of joy through random acts of kindness

How exactly will they do this?

  • Periodically check into the virtual Crew Hangout to see what's new and receive your mission, if you chose to accept it
  • Provide input to improve the program and give guidance to the Communications department
  • Take photos of work-related, day-to-day, and exciting Crossing Rivers Health news, just keep privacy and policies in mind
  • Provide honest reviews (and encourage others, as well) on social platforms such as Google, Facebook, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn
  • Explore our website and share information you think is little-known or interesting

What can I expect as a member of the Crew?

  • Being a member of the CRH Crew is a voluntary, unpaid commitment lasting a minimum of six months
  • Participation in Crew activities should take an hour or less each week -  this time can be spent advocating on Crossing Rivers Health's behalf, engaging with other Crew members, or visiting the Crew Hangout

What tools will be provided?

  • Education on various Crossing Rivers Health topics - available to all staff, mandatory for the Crew
  • Branded promotional and educational shareable materials
  • Access to software that makes it easy to share content and find ideas for posts on social media
  • Special Ops assignments and ideas
  • Inspiration and ideas for employee shout-outs on social
  • Instructions for sharing grateful patient stories
  • Guidance on handling feedback - positive, negative, and face-to-face
  • Resources and support will be provided by the communications department to make it as easy as possible for the Crew to ensure success

Why become a Crew member?

Being a Crew member will be a great resume builder and will also provide intangible benefits, including:

  • Enhanced pride
  • Increased joy
  • Strengthened engagement

...and tangible benefits, too, like Crew Swag!


Only 10 members will be accepted for this pilot program. Applications being accepted in January of 2020! Watch e.Stream or return to this page for updates.

Become a member! Apply now!

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