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Sarojini Ratnakar, MD

Gender Female
Status Courtesy


Dr. Ratnakar likes to bake cupcakes and cookies. She leads a human values class for kids (6-12 yrs. old) every Friday at her house. They are very eager for the surprise treat after class.

She loves children, flowers, classical music (both Indian and Western) and pencil drawing. Dr. Ratnakar says she is very obsessed with cleanliness.


At Crossing Rivers Health, we’re pleased to offer the expertise and companion of Inpatient Specialists to our patients. Our specialists are committed to providing each patient with the quality care they expect and deserve during their hospital stay.
  • What is an Inpatient Specialist? Inpatient specialists are physicians specifically trained in caring for patients while they are in the hospital. They manage and coordinate inpatient care, and coordinate with the patient's primary care provider when necessary.
  • How does an Inpatient Specialist know your needs? Inpatient Specialists work closely with a patient’s own primary care physician while a patient is in the hospital from admission to discharge. They perform examinations, make diagnoses, order tests, and treatments, prescribe medications, develop aftercare plans and oversee the patient’s general hospital care.