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Hospice Volunteer


The Hospice Volunteer is a person in the community who has chosen to maintain the Hospice spirit by giving their time, energy, and interest in being a helpful companion to the patient suffering from a terminal illness, a supportive individual to the patient"s family, and a supportive individual to the Hospice organization by completing various Hospice tasks as assigned. Philosophy of Hospice Work: It is the development of skills, ideas, and self by giving away those gifts already granted. The Hospice Volunteer will have an understanding and be supportive of the philosophy of Hospice Comfort Care in the areas of physical comfort, emotional comfort, and spiritual comfort.


Essential Functions Statement(s)

The Hospice Volunteer will keep all information concerning the life/death of Hospice patients and their loved ones confidential, sharing only with members of the Hospice Team.

  • The Hospice Volunteer will attend mandatory volunteer in-services, trainings, and meetings and complete required documentation in a timely manner.
  • The Hospice Volunteer is interested and believes in the Hospice concept and philosophy of care.
  • The Hospice Volunteer completes the initial orientation process in its entirety prior to beginning any Hospice volunteer work.
  • The Hospice Volunteer will be aware of their limitations in care and will consult with the Hospice Volunteer Coordinator or Hospice staff.
  • The Hospice Volunteer will consult with the Hospice Volunteer Coordinator or Hospice staff when presented with any questions or concerns on behalf of the patient, patient family, or role as a Hospice Volunteer.

  • Functions of a Hospice Volunteer:
  • Hospice Visitor Volunteer: Hospice Visitor Volunteers provide emotional support and companionship to hospice patients in their homes or healthcare facilities. Sharing stories, holding their hand, or reading to them are just a few of the ways support can be provided directly to the patient. A Hospice Visitor Volunteer can also support the family and caregivers of the patient by running errands, aiding with the preparation of meals or light housekeeping. Sometimes a caregiver may need to step away to complete a vital task or engage in some needed self-care, and a Hospice Visitor Volunteer can provide brief respite care while the caregiver is away.
  • Bereavement Volunteer: Our Hospice Bereavement Volunteers can assist families coping with their grief after losing their loved one by making phone calls and attending our monthly grief support groups to provide emotional support. These volunteers can also provide additional assistance with the Candlelight Memorial, hosted by Crossing Rivers Health in memory of loved ones. In addition, Bereavement Volunteers can assist with our quarterly grief support newsletter, Hospice Reflections.
  • Office and General Task Volunteer: Office and General Task Volunteers are crucial to the efficiency of Hospice staff by completing tasks such as assisting with mailing out our hospice quarterly grief support newsletter, Hospice Reflections, organizing and packing essential supplies, and organizing office folders.
  • Special Projects Volunteer: Our Special Projects Volunteers can offer support in a variety of ways: baking or creating crafts or cards for special occasions, knitting or crocheting lap blankets, providing musical entertainment, or assisting staff with errands, fundraising and outreach events.
  • Other Duties As Assigned: Other Hospice Volunteer opportunities may arise based on patient needs, office needs, or specific volunteer special talents. These additional duties must receive prior approval from the Hospice Volunteer Coordinator.

    Competency Statement(s)

    Core Values
  • Excellence – Striving to continuously improve and provide the safest and highest quality care to exceed the expectations of all those we serve and work with.
  • Integrity – Conducting ourselves so the dignity of, respect for, and honesty toward those we serve and work with are the hallmarks of our organization.
  • Compassion – Fostering a friendly and caring environment where the patient comes first and where courtesy and sensitivity to the feelings of others is paramount.
  • Unity – Promoting cooperation by Crossing Rivers Health and medical staff, volunteers, and the community in responding to challenges innovatively while respecting diversity and desiring to make things better.
  • Joy – Displaying an open enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and positive attitude toward everyone we care for or work with.

    Other Requirements:

    The volunteer may or may not be a professional in the health field, but he/she is a person with whom the patient and family can identify with, or if not directly supporting the Hospice patient or family, the Hospice Volunteer will provide support to Hospice Staff through other various tasks. Hospice Volunteer hours and schedule would be arranged according to the patient and family"s needs, or the Hospice organization"s needs based on what the volunteer can give from his/her personal time.


    I understand and agree to comply with the functions and basic duties listed above. I hereby acknowledge that I may contact the following Crossing Rivers Health Hospice team member with any questions or concerns regarding my role or duties as a Hospice Volunteer.

    Brittney Miller, LMSW, APSW

    Hospice Volunteer Coordinator