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Code of Conduct




Crossing Rivers Health is committed to providing exceptional health care by extraordinary people whose highest priority is our patient’s lifetime of wellness. It is the expectation of Senior Management that all employees, volunteers, medical staff, and board members adhere to the code of conduct as it sets a common standard for our actions, behavior and attitude which all employees will follow. Policies and procedures will be used to prevent and detect potential fraud, abuse, and waste.


1. Crossing Rivers Health Employee Expectations:

A. Provide high quality healthcare services in a lawful and ethical manner.

B. Comply with applicable laws and regulations to the best of our ability.

C. Complete annual Fraud, Waste, & Abuse training via SWANK

D. Cooperate with surveyors, audits, and investigations.

E. Report any unethical behavior within the organization to the Compliance Officer in person or via the hotline 608-357-2136.

F. Avoid conflicts of interest; decisions shall be based on the best interest of patients and Crossing Rivers Health, and never influenced by personal gain or benefit.

G. Maintain prompt and accurate billing and reimbursement processes, with necessary documentation.

H. Charge only for medically necessary services at the level they are provided.

I. Maintain accurate records to substantiate claims, and only bill for services completed.

J. Gifts that are linked to volume or value of purchase by Crossing Rivers Health shall not be accepted.

K. Property of Crossing Rivers Health will not be removed from the facility unless related to a Crossing Rivers Health function.

2. Quality & Safety:

A. Provide quality care and protect patient rights.

B. Create a safe environment for staff, physicians, employees, volunteers and patients.