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Standard: LD.03.01.01

Crossing Rivers Health

Administrative Policy

TITLE: Standards of Behavior [Code of Conduct]

PURPOSE: To establish Standards of Behavior that promote an atmosphere in which all staff and volunteers work effectively together as a team to serve patients, families and colleagues. The Standards of Behavior foster a healthy work environment with a culture of open communication, commitment to safety, quality patient care, and trust among all levels throughout the organization. This will aid in the attraction and retention of the best employees. The Standards of Behavior are consistent with Crossing Rivers Health core values of Excellence, Integrity, Compassion, Unity, and Joy.


  • Excellence– Striving to continuously improve and provide the safest and highest quality care to exceed the expectations of all those we serve and work with.
  • Integrity – Conducting ourselves so the dignity of, respect for, and honesty toward those we serve and work with are the hallmarks of our organization.
  • Compassion – Fostering a friendly and caring environment where the patient comes first and where courtesy and sensitivity.
  • Unity – Promoting cooperation by hospital and medical staff, volunteers, and the community in responding to challenges innovatively while respecting diversity and desiring to make things better.
  • Joy – Displaying an open enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and positive attitude toward everyone we care for or work with.
  • POLICY: The organization has zero tolerance for behaviors not reflective of our standards or the organization’s mission to service excellence. Disruptive behavior that intimidates others and affects morale or staff turnover can be harmful to patient care and will not be tolerated. All employees, physicians, non-employed staff, vendors, volunteers, and governing board members will commit to following the organizations values and behavior standards.