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Crossing Rivers Health Foundation

Your gift to the Crossing Rivers Health Foundation goes right to work, supporting quality healthcare in our communities. From our Hospice program, to the Crossing Rivers Health Obstetrical Department, 100 percent of each donation is invested in programs and equipment purchases at Crossing Rivers Health. Your gift ensures high quality, compassionate care, and advanced technology, through every stage of life.

Donate to the Crossing Rivers Health Foundation

About the Foundation

The Crossing Rivers Health Foundation was established in 2010, in an effort to address the growing need for external financial stability in the uncertain and fluctuating times facing the health care industry. The Foundation was founded by a group of community-minded people who make up the board of directors.

One of the primary purposes of the Foundation is to record and facilitate philanthropic giving to benefit Crossing Rivers Health and health care in the region. By serving as the gateway for all philanthropy, the foundation will maintain a complete giving history for donors to Crossing Rivers Health, ensuring that contributors are appropriately appreciated and recognized and that the philanthropy figures presented to external sources are as complete as possible.

Foundation mission

The Crossing Rivers Health Foundation, through its philanthropic efforts, will support the medical center’s mission, ensuring a lifetime of quality health care to the people of our regional communities.

Foundation values

Our HERITAGE is a lasting legacy built on traditions.

  • Honor. By treating all with integrity and carrying out each donor’s wishes, we will create a distinctive and reputable organization.
  • Education. By sharing our knowledge and gifts, we will enlighten the community and raise awareness.
  • Resourcefulness. By being creative and enterprising, we will ensure growth and stability.
  • Improvement. By supporting initiatives, we will achieve advancements for the betterment of all.
  • Trust. By demonstrating responsibility, we will build confidence in ourselves and from our donors.
  • Altruism. By focusing on public-minded needs, we will inspire philanthropic stewardship.
  • Goodwill. By collaborating with each other, donors and the community, we will extend kindness and charity.
  • Excellence. By pursuing quality in all that we do, we will ensure premier health care remains accessible to our communities, for all generations.

Giving and recognition opportunities available

You may want to honor or memorialize an individual through a gift that supports an area in our building, a piece of equipment, or a hospital program. We are pleased to discuss giving and donor recognition opportunities that are best suited to your wishes. Contact our office at 608.357.2140 or complete the form at the link below to discuss your interests.

Share your interests

Through a donation to the Crossing Rivers Health Foundation education fund, you can make a difference in the lives of friends, neighbors, and the ones you love.

Donate to the Crossing Rivers Health Foundation

You can also support Crossing Rivers Health Foundation by using AmazonSmile for your Amazon purchases!


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