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Every gift to the Crossing Rivers Health Foundation is invested in necessary programs and equipment which directly address the health and wellness needs of the people of this great region.

Since 2010, the Crossing Rivers Health Foundation has provided $1.45M to support programs and equipment needs of Crossing Rivers Health.

Some of our investments include:

$20,000 to the Obstetrics Department for an Infant Warmer, including oxygen, resucitation & scale.

$11,829 to the Laboratory Department for a molecular analyzer

$15,500 to the Emergency Department for a portable ultrasound unit & medication dosing software for pediatric patients.

$995,000 toward the construction of the Crossing Rivers Health Medical Center, to-date.

$50,000 contributed to Medical Imaging for 3D Mammography equipment.

The Foundation's three areas of priority include:

Programs and capital needs

To-date, the Foundation has provided more than $1.2M to Crossing Rivers Health to support the purchase of necessary equipment upgrades. A portion of those funds have also aided in the sustainability of important services provided to the region- namely, the Crossing Rivers Health Hospice program. $1.2M was raised for the construction of the Crossing Rivers Health Medical Center, built in 2015.

Healing Art Gallery at Crossing Rivers Health in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin   Crossing Rivers Health Foundation Capital Campaign in Prairie du Chien Wisconsin

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Area of greatest need

The General Fund of the Crossing Rivers Health Foundation are donations received by the Foundation without donor restriction. These funds are allocated by the Foundation Board of Directors, to areas of greatest need within the Crossing Rivers Health system.

The Foundation Board has directed general funds to various projects, including the purchase of three emergency crash carts, for use in code situations throughout the medical center; for 3D Mammography equipment needs; as well as for software and other necessary healthcare investments.

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The Dr. Roger C. Rademacher Scholarship provides grants to selected clinical professionals to advance their clinical skills.

Areas of study or work may include preventive health, clinical evaluation, surgical excellence, rural medicine, community health, and quality of care.

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Donors may designate their gifts for specific priorities or may choose to contribute to the Foundation's general fund, which are then directed by the Foundation Board of Directors to areas of greatest need.

Through a donation to the Crossing Rivers Health Foundation, you can make a difference in the lives of friends, neighbors, and the ones you love.

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Giving and recognition opportunities available

You may want to honor or memorialize an individual through a gift that supports an area in our building, a piece of equipment, or a hospital program. We are pleased to discuss giving and donor recognition opportunities that are best suited to your wishes. Contact our office at 608.357.2140 or complete the form at the link below to discuss your interests.

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You can also support Crossing Rivers Health Foundation by using AmazonSmile for your Amazon purchases!


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