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July 2021

Health and wellness observances and featured health topics

UV safety

Beaches, boating, pools, camping... there are so many things we love about summer! Make sure you are enjoying your sunny day's safety by protecting your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Learn more about sun safety, along with other summer safety tips, in our Summer Safety Health Library.

Summer Safety Health Library

Minority mental health

Rather than "minority" mental health, Mental Health American will be using a different designation moving forward - BIPOC Mental Health Month. They believe this more fairly honors and distinguishes the experiences of Blacks, Indigenous People, and People of Color. BIPOC are often faced with years - even generations - of trauma, which translates to socioeconomic disparities and, in turn, is linked to mental health concerns today. Learn more about the #impactoftrauma at

Many myths about mental illness are still widely believed and interfere with people getting the treatment they need. Misconceptions about mental illness abound. And too often, they get in the way of proper treatment. Mental illness is a medical condition that can happen to anyone. Depression is an illness, not a mood. Mental illness should not be ignored. It takes a very strong person to seek help. Learn more about Crossing Rivers Health's Behavioral Health services at the link below.

Learn about Behavioral Health services

Juvenile arthritis awareness

The Arthritis National Research Foundation states that nearly 300,000 children in America have been diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. Most people don’t know that kids get arthritis. A child’s immune system is not fully formed until about age 18; so an “autoimmune” form of arthritis is especially aggressive in children, compromising their ability to fight normal diseases and leaving them open to complications that may affect their eyes, bone growth, etc.

If you believe your child may have juvenile arthritis or are interested in learning more about it, talk with your primary care provider. If you would like to establish care with a primary care provider at Crossing Rivers Health Clinic, please call 608.357.2500 or request an appointment at the link below.

Request an appointment

Fireworks safety

It's the Fourth of July, and the traditional way to celebrate is with fireworks. But it's best to leave this part of the party to the professionals.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, an estimated 10,000 people went to the emergency room with injuries from fireworks in 2019. Children younger than 15 accounted for 36% of the injuries. And sparklers—often considered the least dangerous of fireworks—caused an estimated 900 injuries.

Read some important do's and don't relating to fireworks safety at the link below.

Fireworks do's and don'ts

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