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Boscobel High School Volleyball Teams Participates in UW-Madison Research Study

Hospital news | Friday, December 7, 2018

Boscobel, Wisconsin – As a Licensed Athletic Trainer at Crossing Rivers Health, Penny Grassel provides many services to the athletes at Boscobel High School, including prevention of injuries. In an effort to learn ways to prevent volleyball injuries, Grassel enrolled the Boscobel High School volleyball team in a research study conducted by the University of Wisconsin. In addition to identifying risk factors for injuries in female high school volleyball players, the study will help identify the impact of quality of life, fatigue, and the use of over-the-counter pain medication changes throughout a high school volleyball season. Throughout the 2018 season, Grassel collected data to submit to UW-Madison.

“Each year, twelve to eighteen percent of adolescent athletes sustain a sport-related injury in the United States,” Grassel shared. “For females, volleyball is the most popular high school sport and as participation numbers increase, so does the potential number of sport-related injuries. I felt it was important to participate in a study which may benefit players in the future by helping us learn ways to prevent volleyball injuries.”

There were a total of 2,169 volleyball players that participated in the study and 422 injuries reported during the 2018 high school volleyball season. In addition to receiving valuable information, the Boscobel High School volleyball team received $500 for participating in the study.