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Crossing Rivers Health Brings Robotic-Assisted Surgery to Prairie du Chien

Hospital news | Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Contact: Crossing Rivers Communications

Prairie du Chien, WI – A less invasive surgical technique is now available at Crossing Rivers Health in Prairie du Chien. Robotic-assisted surgery is a form of minimally-invasive surgery that is performed through small incisions. During a robotic-assisted surgical procedure, the surgeon sits at a console while viewing a high-definition, 3D image of the patient’s target anatomy. The surgeon’s hand, wrist and finger movements made at the console are translated into precise, real-time movement of surgical instruments attached to three or four robotic arms.

“Robotic-assisted surgery allows the surgeon enhanced precision, flexibility, and control during the operation. We are able to perform complex and delicate procedures through very small, precise incisions resulting in less pain, less scarring, and a shorter recovery time,” stated Dr. Steven Bush, Crossing Rivers Health Chief Medical Officer.

Robotic-assisted surgical procedures currently available at Crossing Rivers Health in Prairie du Chien include hysterectomy; prolapse and incontinence surgery; surgical oncology for bladder, kidney, prostate, and testicular cancer; vasectomy; and kidney stone treatment.