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Crossing Rivers Health Honors Ambassador Recipients

Hospital news | Friday, May 3, 2019

Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin - Crossing Rivers Health in Prairie du Chien strives to provide a work environment where humor is appreciated, teamwork is encouraged, and honesty, integrity, and demonstrating care for each other are second nature. Their vision is to achieve the best outcome for every patient every time in an environment where patient expectations are exceeded, physicians want to practice, caring people want to work, the community sees a source of pride, and the region associates their name with high quality.

Each year, Crossing Rivers Health presents Ambassador of the Year awards to individuals who represent their core values of joy, unity, integrity, compassion, and excellence; along with awards for Ambassador of Leadership and Ambassador of Provider Excellence. Nominations are submitted by employees and presented to the Senior Leadership Team for selection. This year, the following individuals were recognized with a Crossing Rivers Health Ambassador award:

  • Ambassador of Joy – Pam Drinkwine, Sterile Processing Technician. “Pam is described as always friendly, kind and helpful. She cheerfully takes on new tasks and continually works to improve processes. She displays joy in everything she does. She not only displays joy to others at all times, she leads by example spreading joy to others. Pam's joy improves the dynamics not only in her department, but across the organization. She is a shining example of how we should all find joy in our work every day,” stated her nominator.
  • Ambassador of Unity – Jill Morovits, Chargemaster Coordinator. “Building relationships and unifying teams takes persistent and committed dedication, as well as a positive and supportive attitude. By always having a “whatever it takes” mentality and a commitment to seeing the best in others, Jill encourages everyone to excel. Often quietly working behind the scenes, she frequently takes the leading role of fostering an accurate and productive team environment. She values the opinions of many and routinely goes above and beyond to ensure her team, as well as the organization, are successful. For more than 40 years, Jill has embodied all the characteristics of a true Ambassador of Unity,” shared her nominator.
  • Ambassador of Integrity – Leah Jones, HR Generalist. “Leah is professional and exemplifies organizational values in all her interactions, regardless the situation. She has built strong relationships by treating individuals with respect. Leah creates an environment of fairness, honesty, integrity and trust in relationships with others. She does all of this with unwavering positivity and places teamwork above all else. She is so deserving of this award and we are very proud to have her on our team,” commented her nominator.
  • Ambassador of Compassion – Rich Scott, Sleep Lab Coordinator. “Rich is known for being very compassionate with his patients. He repeatedly receives 100% on outpatient surveys for his work with his patients - they always have great things to say about him and the wonderful care they received. Providers look to him for guidance; co-workers trust him and speak highly of him; and patients trust him. Rich makes every patient feel they are his only patient. Rich expresses everything compassion stands for - a friendly and caring environment where his patients come first,” explained his nominator.
  • Ambassador of Excellence – Amanda Otte, Phlebotomist/Lab Assistant. “Amanda has worked so hard since the day she was hired. It was evident right from training that we had a superstar on our hands. Her hard work ethic, attention to detail and critical thinking skills make for a fierce combination that any business, manager, or co-worker is looking for in a picture-perfect employee. Add on top of that, superb customer service to not only our patients but also to coworkers and you have the real deal. Amanda is a constant advocate for our patients by listening to their needs and voicing them to those who can help. Amanda is the well-oiled gears of our clinic laboratories, an excellent addition to our medical center laboratory, and the ultimate role model demonstrating our core values,” exclaimed her nominator.
  • Ambassador of Provider Excellence – Dr. James Jordan, Emergency Room Physician. “Dr. Jordan is not only an extremely knowledgeable and competent provider, but he is kind and compassionate also. He goes above and beyond for ALL his patients to ensure they receive the care they need. It does not matter what time of day or night they present, or if it is very busy, he still provides excellent care. Dr. Jordan helps out during code situations on Inpatient Unit, when assistance is needed in OB, or where ever else there might be a need,” stated his nominator.
  • Ambassador of Leadership – Barb Welsch, Laboratory Director. “Friendly and professional, Barb can be both trusted and relied upon to make sure service is both compassionate and high quality. With an inquisitive mind, she is resourceful and often asks the questions others may still be thinking about or are hesitant to ask. Attention to detail is evident in daily activities and is known to tackle big tasks by cutting them into small bites. Barb supports Lean team development and activities and helps to ensure that the department stays in the green. This leadership ambassador truly reflects the values and mission of Crossing Rivers Health,” shared her nominator.