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Diabetes Self-Management Testimonial: Martha Tieman

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Contact: Sasha Dull

"I don't think it's ever easy to manage diabetes," said Martha, a Crossing Rivers Health Clinic patient and Type II diabetic. "It takes effort and awareness." Martha has lived with diabetes for more than ten years and was equipped with a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) about nine months ago, when her A1C level started to fluctuate. "Before the monitor, I was pricking my finger three times a day. That frequency does not give you the real picture. It's almost like stumbling around in the dark."

Martha explained that the CGM shines a light in the darkness, giving the information needed to take control. "I now check my blood sugar about 12 times a day. With that information, you have to be willing to learn what foods work and don't work for you." Martha shared that people with diabetes have to put in the effort and use the information the monitor provides to adjust accordingly. "If you are willing to do that for yourself, it is a wonderful tool," she added.

The Diabetes Self-Management Program at Crossing Rivers Health provides patients access to a team of experts who work together, with the patient, to determine the best approach to manage blood glucose and A1C levels. According to Matt Snitker, DNP at Crossing Rivers Health Clinic, if a Continuous Glucose Monitor is deemed appropriate, it's a great tool to help diabetics keep a closer eye on their blood sugar levels. "A sensor is placed under the skin of the belly or adhered to the arm in a quick, painless procedure. The monitor displays blood sugar at a regular interval, and an alarm will sound if sugars drop or rise to a certain level." Snitker noted that this is just one of many ways the team can help patients control their diabetes. "Technology and education have changed so much over the years. It's great to see our diabetic patients learn simple ways to improve their lives and feel so much better. It is up to them to manage it, but we are here to help."

Martha shared her advice to others living with diabetes, "You have to have a mindset that the only one that can really take care of you and your diabetes - is you. You have to try."

Ask your provider about the Diabetes Self-Management Program at Crossing Rivers Health, request an appointment online, or call to schedule an appointment at the Crossing Rivers Health Clinic at 608-357-2500.