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Dr. Kris Huber Joins Crossing Rivers Health Clinic and Obstetrical Teams

Monday, September 13, 2021

Contact: Dan Moris

Prairie du Chien, WI – Crossing Rivers Health welcomes Kris Huber, MD, MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), to the Crossing Rivers Health Clinic and Obstetrics teams. Dr. Huber believes each person is more than the condition or illness that brings them to the clinic or hospital. As part of the Crossing Rivers Health team, she will do everything she can to help each patient maximize their health and meet their health goals.

Following her 11 years as a Physician Assistant, Huber became a Physician herself in 2013. After spending the majority of her medical career in Omaha, Nebraska, she is looking forward to providing family health care in a rural setting. “One of the things I like about being in a small community is getting to know my patients and having the time to listen,” Huber says, “Getting to know what’s important to them, what’s important to their family, and their history.”

In addition to seeing patients in the Crossing Rivers Health Prairie du Chien Clinic, Dr. Huber will also provide care for women who are pregnant. “My biggest passion is prenatal and obstetrical care for women,” Huber says, “I’ve provided a lot of obstetrical care both here in the United States and internationally. Fluent in Spanish, Dr. Huber is also looking forward to serving the Hispanic population in the area. “It’s really fun to walk into an exam room and start speaking someone’s language that they don’t normally hear.” Huber says, “I love working with women and families, helping them learn about the changes going on in their body and the changes that are coming for their family. Then, welcoming that little one into the world and seeing them grow up afterwards.”

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kris Huber at the Crossing Rivers Health Prairie du Chien Clinic by calling (608) 357-2500 or visiting