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Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right, free community program and food demos at PdC Memorial Hospital

Hospital news | Sunday, March 16, 2014

“Making healthy changes related to diet and nutrition in no way means you have to stop eating certain foods and start eating bland, boring foods,” explains Tara Ringler, Registered Dietitian/Nutrition Services Director at Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital and PdC Memorial Health Clinics. “A healthy diet that is rich in nutritious foods can be very flavorful and satisfying. Including a variety of all foods and using seasonings such as spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to enjoy the taste of eating right. Moderation and portion control are key to a healthy diet also. My motto is to eat the more healthy foods (such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains) more often and the less healthy foods (such as processed, convenience foods) less often.”

In recognition of March, National Nutrition Month, learning various tips on how to enjoy the taste of eating right will be the focus of a free community education program sponsored by Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital on Thursday, March 27, 5:00-6:30 p.m. The early evening program will include food and cooking demonstrations, recipe tasting, tips on how to add spices and herbs into your diet and tips on healthy choices and healthy behaviors. Participants will especially enjoy tasting the featured food and recipes.

Sharon Morgan, Piggly Wiggly Produce Manager, will bring and share information about some fruits and vegetables that may be unfamiliar to many. Nick Morgan, cook at PdC Memorial, will assist with food demonstrations. Tara Ringler will provide tips on increasing flavor into your diet using seasonings as well as nutrition related to sample recipes with specific attention given for diabetics or other interests indicated by participants. There will also be a time for discussion and questions.

Tammy Thompson and Pat Stovey from Cardiac Rehab will also be featured speakers sharing key information related to exercise and diet choices increasing an awareness of why it’s important to be mindful of portion control even if you have exercised. They will be stressing awareness of how much exercise is really needed to burn excess calories consumed in a day, especially when it comes to meeting a weight loss goal.

Tara Ringler provides nutrition education and counseling to a variety of populations and ages through inpatient, outpatient sessions and community outreach. Her expertise includes helping those with diabetes and for weight management. She specializes in both prevention and management of illnesses and diseases.

Tammy has been a member of the team at PdCMH for over nine years and has 15 years of experience practicing as an Exercise Physiologist. She worked with all ages, children to 92-years-old with a wide range of health risk and functional limitation. She serves as the Director of Cardiac Rehab. She stated, “I know the importance of implementing a healthy, properly proportioned diet in losing and maintaining weight as one ages. It is well proven that regular exercise and diet management is beneficial in protecting you from heart disease and stroke by preventing and controlling risk factors for heart disease such as managing weight and blood pressure.”

Pat Stovey, Certified Exercise Specialist in Cardiac Rehab, has helped many area individuals return to a normal life after a heart event. He states, “Exercising doesn’t give you the ticket to splurge or indulge in unhealthy diet choices. Often people don’t realize how much exercise it really takes to work off that extra cookie that is chosen.”

Reservations are encouraged to help hospital staff plan for the event. Individuals planning to attend are asked to call Tara Ringler at 608-357-2219 or Tammy Thompson or Pat Stovey in Cardiac Rehab at 608-357-2349.