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Healthy Living in the Golden Years of Our Lives

Hospital news | Wednesday, March 16, 2016

“Staying healthy is a key aspect of living well at all ages,” explained Dr. Owen Vincent, Family Medicine Physician with Crossing Rivers Health Clinic, Prairie du Chien. “First and foremost, our bodies are best with routine and consistency in our daily and weekly habits- this is especially true in our 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond. Our first step in total body wellness is daily nutrition. Whole-foods (not processed or artificial) that are plant-based (mostly fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains) should be the staple foods of all dietary choices throughout the day. For example, breakfast with fruit and cereals, then lunch and dinner with greens, beans, grains, breads, are ideal. Meats, and cheeses, in small amounts, may certainly be added for preference and flavor, but too much of these types of foods, every day, can increase risks of cardiovascular disease and related complications, like heart attacks and strokes.”

Dr. Vincent advised that the second step to staying healthy as we continue to live well is to stay active. Our daily activities should be mental and physical, and have purpose for us, as it is those meaningful tasks of our choosing that keeps us vital. Daily mental activities might include reading the newspaper regularly, word or math puzzles, and engaging conversations with close family and friends. Physical activity can be as simple as walking 30 minutes a day; more activity is certainly encouraged, however, just walking 30 minutes a day has the most benefit for the least amount of time. “Remember,” encouraged Dr. Vincent, “Talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise plan or program.”

Dr. Vincent added, “The third and final step to remember is the annual Medicare Wellness check-up. Starting at age 65, everyone has the option for a health check-up once a year, covered by Medicare. This is a great opportunity to bring your questions to your doctor and discuss your present health concerns, and those you might worry about in the future. If you do not have one scheduled already in 2016, call your doctor today to setup your Medicare Wellness check-up.”

In addition to family medicine, Dr. Vincent offers primary dermatology (skins checks, treatment and referrals), and treatment of muscle, bone and joint pain through musculoskeletal assessment with osteopathic manipulation (OMT).

Crossing Rivers Health Clinics offer a number of services beneficial to the region, including comprehensive family care and women’s health services. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Owen Vincent, or one of the other providers at Crossing Rivers Health Clinic, call 608-357-2500. Learn more about the clinic by visiting