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Jennifer Neis Story: Crossing Rivers Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Total Knee Replacement

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

I had been living with knee pain for many, many years. I had three previous knee surgeries to repair the damage, but the pain became unbearable. I was in constant pain. I could not do steps, sleep, or do farm work.

After visiting Dr. Klean and discussing my options, we decided to do steroid shots and gel injections. They relieved the pain for a short time, but I knew to fix the problem entirely I would need knee replacement surgery.

In the past, I had pain after my knee surgeries. I was worried that knee replacement would not fix the problem. Dr. Klean is so caring. He made me feel very comfortable and never pressured me into making a quick decision. He explained the details of the surgery process and the recovery in full detail.

Before my surgery, I had my pre-op appointment. At the beginning of the appointment, I wondered if it was really necessary. It was necessary. I was able to talk to all the departments involved in my care and recovery. Physical therapy and occupational therapy suggested I get grab bars for my shower because I don’t have a walk-in shower. I was apprehensive about the anesthesia. In my previous surgeries, I had gotten sick with anesthesia. CRNA Paul Barrineau did a great job listening to my needs and worries. He came up with a plan and relieved my worries. I was very impressed with the entire team. They talked with me about my concerns and addressed my issues with sincerity and compassion.

The whole experience with Crossing Rivers Health and the Orthopedic team was top-notch! You can say it’s a small-town hospital, but it was top-notch, big-town care. Everyone listened to me and I was really impressed with every department I worked with. As a small local hospital, the orthopedic and outpatient physical therapy departments are amazing.

Dr. Klean suggested I stay in the hospital for three days after my surgery to make sure, after the nerve block and spinal tap wore off, I could tolerate the pain. I was relieved that I could do some recovery in the hospital. Every day Dr. Klean, the attending provider, and the physical therapy team checked on me to make sure I was recovering properly. The nurses who took care of me after surgery and during my stay were exceptional. They took care of my every need. It was a pleasant experience.

The success of my knee replacement would not have transpired as fast and as pain-free without the Physical Therapy department’s help. I went three days a week for six weeks. The therapists were amazing. They were very knowledgeable in administering the proper steps for my recovery.

I’ve been able to get back out doing chores. It is a lot less painful than it was before and much easier. Maybe I’ll even be able to ride horses again someday. Knee replacement was the best thing I’ve ever done. I wish I had done it sooner.

Don’t be afraid of a small hospital. They give good quality care just like a big hospital would- maybe better, because they care more.