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PDCMH awards six scholarship to 2012 graduates

Hospital news | Tuesday, July 31, 2012

“Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital’s Scholarship Committee has chosen the following students as recipients of 2012 continuing education scholarships,” reports Kimberly Krogan, Administration. “Congratulations and best of luck to these young adults.”

• Sarah Achenbach, Prairie du Chien High School (Chosen Health Occupation Career) –awarded $8,000 deferred

• Morgan Gunderson, Fennimore High School (Occupational Therapy) –awarded $8,000 deferred

• Traci Kirschbaum, River Ridge High School (Nursing) –awarded $4,000

• Hillary Taylor, River Ridge High School (Clinical Lab Science) –awarded $8,000 deferred

• McKenzie Wagner, MFL MarMac High School (Respiratory Care) –awarded $4,000

• Nicole Wubbena, MFL MarMac High School (Nursing) –awarded $8,000 deferred

In an effort to maintain professional health care workers, Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital Association, Inc. has a program available to encourage students to return to this area. Qualified recipients must be graduating seniors in good academic standing and must choose to further their education in a health occupation career, excluding those in medical school. The program allows up to $2,000 per year with a maximum of $8,000. This is a low interest loan but can be forgiven if employed by Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital Association, Inc. upon graduation. The recipient is paid a regular hourly rate of pay, along with the loan amount being forgiven at a rate of one and one half dollars ($1.50) for every hour worked. Applications are released to area high schools each February and are to be completed and returned by the end of March.

The Scholarship Committee consists of nine members from surrounding communities: Harold Brown, Chairperson; Maria Brummel; David Doll; Alesha Erdenberger; Janet Finn; Mary Ann Garrity; Ron Sedgwick; Bill Sexton, CEO; and Gloria Wall. They interview and award scholarships to those considered best eligible to fill the awards being offered by the hospital.

Since its inception in 1990, the program has been very successful in assisting approximately 65 high school graduates in achieving their dream of becoming a member of the health care workforce. Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital is proud to report that fifteen of these graduates returned to the hospital to work as health care professionals.

For more information regarding the scholarship program, contact Kimberly Krogan at Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital at (608) 357-2234, or local high school guidance counselors.