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Sensory, special needs products now offered at HME Retail Store in Prairie du Chien

Corporate news | Thursday, September 7, 2017

Contact: Crossing Rivers Communications

“We are pleased to announce that we are now offering a variety of sensory tools and products to help those with autism, special needs or behavioral and sensory issues,” announced Bobbi Jo Meng, Coordinator at Crossing Rivers Health Home Medical Equipment Retail Store in Prairie du Chien. “It is especially rewarding to offer these items right here so that families do not have to travel to find these items or order them online. Having the opportunity to see and touch these products before making a purchase really benefits our customers.”

Mara Dickens, HME Retail Associate, added, “From our weighted lap pads, blankets and swings, to quiet spaces and multi-sensory environments, we offer sensory-based solutions including touch, movement, sights and sounds, oral chews and chewelry, fidgets and fine motor aids, developmental toys, sensory supports, and weighted and compression products.”

The store’s selection of Kordy weighted stuffed animals provide a calming effect when placed in a child's lap. Proprioceptive feedback is effective for children with autism, sensory integration disorders and other neurological challenges. The corduroy fabric provides a soft and sensory deep pressure experience.

Mr. Juice Bear supports children with low oral tone and speech delays by helping initiate the suck-swallow-breathe process. By applying gentle pressure to the bear’s belly, liquids are placed at just the right place with no more neck hyper-extension.

Focusing specifically on movement, the store offers a NeoRock Stool. The unique, rounded base design allows a student to rock and tilt in all directions. Gentle forward, backward or side-to-side movement provides a calming effect that improves focus and encourages learning. While especially designed for fidgety and active learners- all users will benefit from the added stimulation and comfort.

Crossing Rivers Health HME Retail Store is located on the second floor of Crossing Rivers Health, 37868 U.S. Hwy 18, Prairie du Chien. Store hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Meng encouraged families to call or stop in. She said, “Mara and I encourage folks to stop in and browse through the store. It would also be a great time to check out our inventory including our line of compression stockings, neck roll and bed wedge pillows, and bathroom aids and other assistive devices. Diabetics will appreciate our variety of stylish walking shoes, sandals and sneakers. We also invite people to give us a call at 608-357-2399 if they have any questions. Some of the products are also pictured on our website,”