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September is Pain Awareness Month

Hospital news | Sunday, September 11, 2016

Contact: Crossing Rivers Communications

The month of September was designated as Pain Awareness Month in 2001 to raise awareness so that chronic pain may be more recognized, better understood and more fittingly treated and managed.

Chronic pain is pain that continues a month or more beyond the usual recovery period for an injury or illness or that goes on for months or years because of a chronic condition,” explains Georgia Govier, CRNA MS APNP, Director of the Pain Management Clinic at Crossing Rivers Health Center for Specialty Care in Prairie du Chien. “Chronic pain is usually not constant, but it can really interfere with daily life. Years ago, many individuals had to learn to live with chronic pain. However, researchers have learned a great deal about pain and its physiological and psychological basis, leading to pain management treatments that can provide complete or partial pain relief.”

Untreated pain can interfere with the healing process by affecting the immune system and leading to other issues. Discomfort can impede the rehabilitation process by interfering with exercise and increasing the risk of psychological distress.

“The first step to help individuals manage pain is a consultation with a specially trained anesthesia provider,” adds Govier. “Our providers evaluate the pain problem, perform a physical exam, and review health history and the results of any tests previously performed. This allows the provider to analyze all of the information and discuss an initial assessment. Further diagnostic procedures may be needed to determine what type of problem the individual is experiencing. The first consultation will provide the individual with a clearer understanding of their pain, its cause, and the course of further evaluation. Providers also offer a comprehensive treatment plan with a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of their pain. “

To learn more about pain management and treatment, individuals are encouraged to talk with their health care provider. To schedule an appointment with the Pain Management Clinic or one of the other specialists at Crossing Rivers Health Center for Specialty Care, call 608-357-2525. Learn more about the Center for Specialty Care or the 100 services and programs available through Crossing Rivers Health by visiting