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Sewing project protects the first bed for newborns

Hospital news | Sunday, June 2, 2013

Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital employees Zita Balk, Diane Koth and Monica Shedivy have once again used their expert sewing skills to produce handmade projects that they have donated to the hospital. The three women recently spent several hours creating six beautifully sewn covers for the baby bassinets in the hospital’s OB Department, New Beginnings.

“They are just adorable,” comments Chris Schroeder, RN, OB Clinical Coordinator. “The covers feature puppies, monkeys and fish in bright colors. The edges have elastic to allow them to slip easily over the bassinets to protect the first bed of the newest family member! This project is one of many that these ladies have graciously done for our hospital.”

When these three creative women are at their jobs at PdC Memorial Hospital, their skills and communication talents help in their leadership roles. Zita Balk is the Patient Registration Director. Diane Koth, a social worker, is the Director of Patient Family Services. She also serves as a key leader in PdCMH’s partnership with the Studer Group. Monica Shedivy is the Information Management Systems Director. The three long-time PdCMH employees have a combined total of over 108 years of dedicated service.

“Having a baby is one of the most memorable and cherished events of a lifetime,” adds Chris Schroeder. “We have seven couples participating in our next Childbirth Education Class. I look forward to showing the new bassinet covers to them during their tour of the Labor/Delivery/Recovery rooms and nursery. It will be a pleasure for them to see where their baby will rest and sleep.”