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Town Hall Meeting to alert community about underage drinking

Hospital news | Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crawford Abuse Resistance Effort (C.A.R.E.) of Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital in collaboration with Seneca School District and CESA #3, is sponsoring a Town Hall Meeting “The Impact of Underage Drinking on Crawford County” on Wednesday, April 25, 5:30 -7:30 p.m. at the Seneca Town Hall and Shop, 21041 Town Hall Road. The meeting begins with a dinner of soup, pasta salad and sandwich, followed by opening remarks and informative presentations.

Rick Peterson, C.A.R.E. Director, will address issues related to youth access and the prevention efforts underway in Crawford County. Diane Yager, Seneca Youth Leadership Advisor, will discuss local policies and codes related to underage drinking. In addition, discussions will focus on current law enforcement environmental strategies, high school youth “Above the Influence” campaign and end with a call to action for all sectors of the community.

“Underage drinking is a critical health and safety issue,” adds Rick Peterson. “This meeting is part of a national effort to increase understanding and awareness of underage drinking and its consequences. This is an opportunity for parents, teachers, officials, youth and other community members to learn more about the impact of underage drinking on both individuals and the community, to learn more about the new research on underage drinking, and to discuss how our community can best prevent underage alcohol use. Perceived parental disapproval is the strongest influence on youthful alcohol use.”

Diane Yager said, “Alcohol is the most-used drug in the country, and it puts your health, education, family ties, and social life at risk. A higher percentage of youth ages 12 to 20 use alcohol than use tobacco or illicit drugs, making underage drinking a leading health problem in America. In 2009, 29% of Crawford County youth, in grades 6 through 12, reported drinking alcohol one or more times within the last 30 days.”

Area residents and youth that attend the Town Hall in Seneca will also have the opportunity to receive a free copy of the Alcohol, Culture and Environment Work Group Recommendations “Changing Wisconsin's Alcohol Environment to Promote Safe and Healthy Lives” report and call to action guide.

There is no charge for dinner or to participate in the meeting. Registration is requested, but not required by April 23rd to help with planning. Call C.A.R.E. at 608-357-2087.