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Electronic Health Records

MyChart - Visits after June 3, 2018

Your electronic health record, at your fingertips. Through MyChart, patients can schedule appointments, make payments, and access information about medications, past medical history, immunizations, laboratory data and more.

Access MyChart

CPSI Patient Portal - Visits before June 3, 2018

The CPSI Patient Portal can only be used to submit payment for services billed prior to June 3, 2018. Records prior to June 3, 2018 are not available through the CPSI Patient Portal. You can access those records by contacting Crossing Rivers Health Health Information Management at 608.357.2246.

Patient Portal

Do you need to register?

If you would like to register to access a summary of your Crossing Rivers Health Electronic Health Record (EHR) or pay your bill online, please contact a patient accounts representative, available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 608.357.2246 or

MyChart - Patient Portal FAQ's

What is an Electronic Health Record?

  • An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an electronic version of a patient’s medical history that is maintained by the provider over time.
  • An EHR may include all of the key clinical data relevant to that person’s care, including health history, medications, immunizations, laboratory data and radiology reports.
  • An EHR allows the ability to easily and securely share medical information between healthcare facilities for improved patient-centered care.

What are the advantages of MyChart?

MyChart is keeping pace with your busy life. Whether you’re managing your own healthcare or your family’s. MyChart is the must-have, interactive tool that gives you control over your electronic health record – wherever life takes you.

Here are just a few of the many features available to MyChart users:

  • Access health information online - View a private and personalized health summary and access to your provider’s recommended follow-up plan of care.
  • Check on upcoming appointments - View, cancel or request a visit with your provider.
  • Manage prescriptions - See current prescriptions details and make refill requests
  • Pay bills and view payment history
  • Request medical records
  • See lab and imaging results - Most results are available within 48 hours
  • Track vitals - Use the health trends tools.
  • Health information library  - MyChart links to a library of health information, including health issues, allergies and even medications.

Who should use MyChart?

  • Anyone interested in a proactive approach to their health management.
  • New parents and parents of young children.
  • Patients with chronic conditions
  • Seniors wanting help with their health management.
  • Patients looking for easy access to their healthcare provider.

Is MyChart secure?


Working with an industry leader in electronic medical records for over a decade, Crossing Rivers Health has taken every precaution to ensure electronic health records are secure and confidential

Who can access my health information?

Only you and individuals you personally authorize, through the family access option, can obtain your health information.

How can I access records for my family members?

Are you responsible for more than your own health care needs? MyChart helps you better manage your family’s health care and securely access medical records through proxy access. Proxy access allows you to sign in to your own MyChart account and link to another patient's MyChart record.

  • Full access to your child’s records (through age 11)
    • Parents must sign the Child Proxy form to allow access to the record of their minor child. 
  • Partial access to child’s records (age 12-17)
    • Parents must sign the Child Proxy form to allow access to the record of their minor child. 
  • Adult-to-adult access (with both adults’ consent).

If interested in proxy access, you may also ask to sign up at your provider’s office.

What are the MyChart password guidelines?

  • No less than 8 characters
  • No more than 20 characters
  • No spaces
  • Include at least one number
  • Include at least one letter
  • Only symbols allowed are period (.), hyphen (-), underscore (_) or at symbol (@)

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