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Hospice Reflections

Hospice Reflection is a publication of Crossing Rivers Health Hospice.

November 2022 edition

Topics include:

  • Samantha Boland Thank You
  • Learning to Live Full After Loss
  • Candlelight Memorial
  • Fruit of the Spirit: Gratitude, By Rev. Zach Bloom

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August 2022 edition

Topics include:

  • Dorothy's Final Wish
  • In Grief and In Joy...Telling Your Story
  • Good Night Moon
  • Fruit of the Spirit: On Prayer

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April 2022 edition

Topics include:

  • Ten Steps -A Plan for Healing from Spiritual Distress During Grief
  • Volunteer Spotlight
  • Good Night Moon
  • Fruit of the Spirit, Grief and Spring, Deacon Pat Malanaphy

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January 2022 edition

Topics include:

  • Lenora's Special "Final Wish" Surprise
  • Golidlocks Grieves
  • Good Night Moon
  • Fruit of the Spirit, Haley Kregel, LMSW

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October 2021 edition

Topics include:

  • Hospice Candlelight Memorial
  • Hospice Honors
  • Good Night Moon
  • Fruit of the Spirit, Haley Kregel, LMSW

View the October 2021 edition

July 2021 edition

Topics include:

  • Meet Nikki - Hospice Social Worker Intern
  • Greg's Angle Experience Part II
  • What Helps When Grieving
  • Fruit of the Spirit, Haley Kregel, LMSW

View the July 2021 edition

April 2021 edition

Topics include:

  • Angel, Greg Clark
  • Meeting the needs of seniors in retirement homes
  • On Love By Haley Kregel, LMSW

View the April 2021 edition

January 2021 edition

Topics include:

  • Meet Loretta Weipert, RN
  • A New Year
  • Outraged Grief. Put your anger to work.
  • Gentleness from Haley Kregel

View the January 2021 edition

October 2020 edition

Topics include:

  • Annual Candlelight Memorial to be held virtually this year
  • What to say to a grieving person during a pandemic
  • Kindness by Haley Kregel

View the October 2020 Hospice Reflections newsletter

July 2020 edition

Topics include:

  • Bridging life and legacy: How do you want to be remembered?
  • What is normal in grief?
  • Patience

View the July 2020 edition

April 2020 edition

Topics include:

  • Celebrating 100 Years
  • Voices of Silence
  • On Peace

View the April 2020 edition

January 2020 edition

Topics include:

  • Creative Hospice Volunteers Contribute to the Candlelight Memorial
  • the Benefits of Journaling Through the Stages of Grief
  • Fruit of the Spirit: on Self Control

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October 2019 edition

Topics include:

  • The Blessing of Time - Linda Knight's story
  • Area Bereavement Support
  • A Butterfly Visitation by Patricia Roop Hollinger
  • Kindness by Pastor Linda Hauschild, First Congregational of Elkader

View the October 2019 edition

July 2019 edition

Topics include:

  • The Circle of Life on the Homestead - Lyle Schall's story
  • Grieving Girls by Gery R. Cox, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
  • On Joy by Haley Kregel, Crossing Rivers Health Hospice Social Worker

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April 2019 edition

Topics include:

  • Touched by an Angel - a Hospice patient story
  • Should I or Shouldn't I Join a Grief Support Group by Nan Zastrow
  • On Patience by Haley Kregel
  • New Staff Spotlight - Welcome Sara Miles and Bridget Schultz

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