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Foot Care Clinic

To help keep your feet healthy, Crossing Rivers Health Center for Specialty Care offers basic foot care services, specialized diabetic foot care, as well as access to Wound Care and a Podiatrist, if needed.

The need for foot care may result from a variety of factors. Regular foot care is important to your overall health as you age. Foot issues can be early indicators of conditions like diabetes and heart disease. In addition, people with diabetes or vascular disease, for example, should have their feet checked regularly to help maintain mobility.

Quality Foot Care

Our registered nurses perform foot assessments and offer foot care education, including diabetic foot care education.

Trained foot care technicians offer the following services:

  • Foot inspection
  • Warm foot soak
  • Nail trimming
  • Corn and callus care
  • Foot rub with lotion


Foot care services are available on a private-pay basis. Insurance billing is not available for this service. Cash or credit card are accepted at the time of service.

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