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Sleep Medicine

Are you getting enough sleep?

If not, your answers to the following questions might help you and your doctor find a solution.

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  • Are you a loud, habitual snorer?
  • Have you been observed choking, gasping, or holding your breath during sleep?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you feel tired when you wake up after eight or more hours of sleep?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, talk to your physician about your symptoms and sleep patterns. Your physician will help determine if you should have a diagnostic sleep study performed.

Treatment for sleep disorders

Our Sleep Disorders Specialist at the Crossing Rivers Health Center for Specialty Care diagnoses and treats a full spectrum of sleep disorders, including:

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Sleep studies

  • For a sleep study, you will have an overnight stay at the Sleep Center at Crossing Rivers Health.
  • Using state-of-the-art equipment, your brain waves, eye movements, breathing patterns, heart rate and rhythm, blood oxygen levels, and leg movements are measured and recorded throughout the night.
  • A technician will monitor your sleep all night and gather data.
  • This information is reviewed in detail by a sleep specialist to determine if you have a sleep disorder.

Meet our provider:

Scott Johnson, MD
Sleep Disorders Specialist

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