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Crossing Rivers Health Primary Care Expansion

Check out what's happening on the construction site!

We're excited to grow!

Since 2019, the Crossing Rivers Health Clinic visits have steadily increased by more than 25%. A tremendous amount of thought and preparation has gone into this clinic expansion - which will add 12,000 square feet - bringing the total clinic footprint to 18,000 square feet. Construction began at the end of April and is expected to last a year.

Chris Brophy, CEO of Crossing Rivers Health, said, “Looking to the future, we needed to envision how we will deliver integrated care.”

Like a kaleidoscope, Crossing Rivers Health is looking ahead at the healthcare delivery model from a fresh perspective. Reenvisioning care. Learning from what has worked. Collaborating with our community partners. Adapting to the needs of our community members and patients and incorporating best practices to attain our goal of the best outcome for every patient, every time. These are many of the facets of healthcare rearranged and coming together in an impressive new way. Integrated. Comprehensive. Patient-centered.

The new Crossing Rivers Health Prairie du Chien Clinic will include:

  • Integrated Behavioral Health services - a whole-person approach to primary care
  • Additional patient care space and improved patient privacy
  • Easier access to medical center services, including medical imaging, laboratory, and rehabilitation

Patients at Crossing Rivers Health Prairie du Chien Clinic will experience clinic visits like usual at the existing building as construction proceeds. Maria Mathis, Crossing Rivers Health Clinic Director, says, “We will continue to provide the highest quality of care with the same amazing team. We are overwhelmed with the support of our community and the organization to be able to expand the Crossing Rivers Health Clinic with the integration of Behavioral Health.”

Katie Garrity is President of the Crossing Rivers Health Board of Directors. She said several factors were considered while deciding to begin this project, citing “benefit to the community, return on investment and need, working to develop and maintain relationships of those we serve.” Garrity continued, “Service mix, costs, and appropriate initiatives are always primary in any decisions made by the board.”

Like a kaleidoscope, the same beautiful pieces remain and morph into a beautiful new vision. Crossing Rivers Health Clinic, reenvisioned as integrated care for life.

Clinic new construction Q & A

Clinic Expansion Groundbreaking Event

Crossing Rivers Health hosted the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Clinic expansion on Thursday, April 21 at 5:00 p.m. It was well attending by Crossing Rivers Health staff, volunteers, community partners, Market & Johnson, Inc, and River Valley Architects, Inc.

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