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Laboratory FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our laboratory.

Who can have laboratory tests performed at the Crossing Rivers Health Medical Center laboratory?

Anyone with an order from his or her licensed caregiver is able to have laboratory testing performed at our laboratory. Your caregiver may fax the order to our secure laboratory fax at 608.357.2148, or you may bring the paper order with you at the time of testing. You will want to discuss this option with your caregiver and verify coverage with your insurance provider, if applicable.

What tests can I have done at the laboratory?

Almost any test can be collected at the laboratory. We provide a wide array of testing in our laboratory, but if we do not perform the test that you need, we will send your specimen to an affiliated licensed reference laboratory.

Common outpatient laboratory tests include:

  • Monitoring of medications such as anticoagulants and chemotherapy
  • Thyroid function tests
  • Health screening tests such as diabetes screening and cholesterol levels

Do I need to have an appointment for my laboratory work?

The Crossing Rivers Health Medical Center laboratory does not require an appointment and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

What happens when I come to the laboratory to have testing performed?

Prior to laboratory testing, your caregiver must provide the laboratory with an order for tests to be performed. You may bring the order with you, or your caregiver may fax the order to the laboratory at 608.357.2148 to be held until your arrival.

  • Upon arrival, you will need to go to the registration department to verify your identification and insurance information.
  • After registration, a laboratory professional will escort you to the laboratory drawing room.
  • The laboratory professional will verify your information and collect the appropriate specimens.
  • The samples will be labeled in your presence to ensure that the correct testing is performed on your sample.
  • Testing will then be conducted at the laboratory or an affiliated reference facility.

What happens to my laboratory results after testing is performed?

Once laboratory tests are completed, the results are sent to the caregiver who ordered your tests.

Most testing performed in our laboratory will be completed and reported to your caregiver on the same day of collection. Those tests that are sent to our reference laboratory are usually completed and reported to your caregiver within one to two days.

You are able to obtain results by contacting your caregiver or you may contact our health information management department.

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