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Magnetic resonance imaging

The newly updated Canon MRI scanner at Crossing Rivers Health offers increased patient comfort along with several features and advancements, including:

  • A larger opening to increase patient comfort and help alleviate claustrophobic fears that some patients encounter

  • Use of artificial intelligence that allows for faster scans and exceptional image quality

  • Improved resolution and clarity of images allowing radiologists to identify smaller lesions and anatomical structures and ensure a more accurate diagnosis

  • 1.5 Tesla strength magnet and has many new advances to the software programs allowing 3D images

The MRI unit is stationary, and built into the medical center, so it’s readily accessible for both emergent and scheduled patient needs. The MRI suite is spacious and has a great open feel to the room.

How to schedule an appointment

A referral is needed for an MRI scan, but you can simply ask your healthcare provider if you can have your MRI performed close to home at Crossing Rivers Health. Providers do not have to be from Crossing Rivers Health to refer here for an MRI.

Scheduled patients might only expect to wait an average of one week for their MRI appointment. This can vary due to your insurance authorization.

What to expect at your appointment

A typical scan can take anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes. Results are generally sent to the patient’s care provider within one day. Crossing Rivers Health imaging staff strive to make the patient comfortable while undergoing an MRI scan and understand that some people can feel claustrophobic. Crossing Rivers Health staff can work with uncertain or fearful patients, as there are several ways to reduce or alleviate concerns you may have.

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