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Swing bed

What is a Swing Bed Program?

Swing Bed is for patients who need additional short-term rehabilitation care following their acute hospital stay. The Swing Bed Program allows patients to transition, or “swing”, from acute hospital care to rehabilitation and skilled nursing care without leaving the hospital.

Swing Bed Programs allow patients who were hospitalized in a healthcare facility far from home to transfer to a community hospital close to home to receive additional skilled care and complete their recovery.

Crossing Rivers Health is proud to offer a Swing Bed Program in our community. Our goal is to help patients return to their homes or with the support of other community resources if needed.

What services can be received?

Skilled Nursing Services

Our experienced nurses are available 24/7 and will provide comprehensive assessments, IV therapy, wound care, medication administration, and other nursing services ordered by your physician.

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy

Physical and occupational therapists are available to rehabilitate injuries, build strength, prevent falls, and restore patient safety and independence for daily living skills. Therapists will also evaluate for equipment needs and additional services prior to discharge.

Speech and Swallowing Therapy

Speech therapists are available to rehabilitate speech, language, thinking and swallowing skills.

Nutrition Services

A licensed dietitian is available to offer personalized nutrition-related care to help promote healing and health.

Diabetes Education

A Certified Diabetes Educator is available for patients with a new diagnosis or those who have questions or concerns regarding their chronic diabetes.

Pharmacy Support

We have an on-staff pharmacists who can work with your physician to assure your medication needs are met and provide education about any new medications.


Our creative staff will develop an activity plan based on your interests and hobbies to meet your social interaction needs. Individual sessions aid in filling leisure time between therapy sessions.

Respiratory Therapy

Our on-staff respiratory therapist can provide education about oxygen and other respiratory needs.

Discharge Planners

Our social workers will work directly with you and your family to connect you to the services and resources you need. They will also offer care conferences to ensure your entire support system is prepared for your discharge home.

Personal Care Assistance

Certified Nursing Assistants are available 24/7 and will provide assistance with bathing, dressing, mobility, and any personal cares.


Our professional housekeeping staff will keep your room looking nice while our laundry staff ensures your clothing and bedding are always fresh and clean.

Lab and Medical Imaging

On-site Laboratory and Medical Imaging services available for any physician ordered tests, preventing you from having to travel to appointments during your recovery.

Physician visits

Our on-staff physician who specializes in hospital care is available 24/7 and will see you weekly and as needed.

Case management

Our transitional care nurse works closely with the team to ensure you have what you need before your discharge. As a courtesy, she will call you after you return home to ensure your questions are answered and you feel comfortable after leaving the hospital.

Why choose Crossing Rivers Health’s Swing Bed Program?

· Spacious private rooms and bathrooms
· Brand new hospital with gorgeous views
· Chef prepared meals made to order
· Hospital physician available 24/7
· High quality care, in a beautiful environment, that’s close to home!

How do I qualify?

Most insurance companies require the following to qualify for Swing Bed:
· Skilled nursing or skilled physical rehabilitative therapies are needed daily
· 3 overnight stays in an acute care hospital within the last 30 days
· The care needed relates to the reason for the acute care hospital stay

What will this cost?

Original Medicare Coverage

Days 1-20: 100% coverage
Days 21-100: 80% coverage (the out of pocket expense will be billed to secondary insurance, if applicable)
Days 101 and beyond: No coverage

Medicare Advantage Plan Coverage

Prior authorization will be obtained which will determine coverage and length of stay in the Swing Bed Program.

Private Insurance Coverage

Available with some insurance plans. Prior authorization will be obtained which will determine coverage and length of stay in swing bed.

Medicaid Coverage

Prior authorization will be obtained which will determine coverage and length of stay in the Swing Bed Program.

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