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10 Ways A Strong Posture Improves Your Health

From Javier Alvarez, Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant

  • Is the pain in your back causing you to lose sleep at night?
  • Do you have knee, hip or shoulder pain throughout the day?
  • Is limited flexibility preventing you from performing certain movements?
Research shows simply strengthening posture improves:
  1. Balance
  2. Energy levels
  3. Function motion
  4. Confidence
  5. Deep breathing
  6. Stress management
  7. Sports performance
  8. Appearance
  9. Optimism
  10. Aging well
All of those things sound really great, right? So, how do you know what you're doing wrong? What changes do you need to make?

A posture assessment can highlight imbalances in your body and discover solutions for problem areas. Imbalances can be addressed through exercises to assist in strengthening lengthened muscles and stretching shortened muscles. Your body begins to feel better, become more balanced and risk of injuries is reduced. With each posture assessment, different exercises will be emphasized.