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Mary's Story

From Mary Sprosty, Crossing Rivers Health patient

I visited Urgent Care with minor complaints of back pain and overall fatigue. I was quickly triaged to emergency care, where the doctor recognized that there was much more going on than I realized. A few hours later, I was transferred by ambulance to LaCrosse where I was hospitalized for three days with a life-threatening kidney infection. I dread to think what would have happened if I has not visited the ER that night. Thanks to a fantastic team at Crossing Rivers Health, a serious threat to my health was detected and treated.

The ER team included outstanding nurses who supported me as I realized my minor complaints were a big deal. My nurses, Whitney and Natasha, kept me calm and comfortable, providing support for both my husband and me.

I have since undergone a major surgery to have the diseased kidney removed. My primary care provider, Holly Griswold, provided outstanding support and education during my pre-operation exam.

Crossing Rivers Health is an asset to Prairie du Chien and the surrounding communities. We are lucky to have such compassionate and knowledgeable medical professionals in our community.