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Meet The 2017 Ambassadors of the Year

At Crossing Rivers Health, we strive to provide a work environment where humor is appreciated, teamwork is encouraged, and honesty, integrity, and demonstrating care for each other are second nature.

Our vision is to achieve the best outcome for every patient every time in an environment where patient expectations are exceeded, physicians want to practice, caring people want to work, the community sees a source of pride, and the region associates our name with high quality.

We are proud to be presenting the Ambassador of the Year awards. An award is presented to individuals who represent our core values:

  • Joy
  • Unity
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Excellence

We also award:

  • Ambassador of Leadership
  • Ambassador of Provider Excellence

Nominations are submitted by employees and presented to the Senior Leadership Team for selection.

Ambassador of Joy - Kayla Otto, Registered Nurse

Kayla Otto, Registered Nurse at Crossing Rivers Health

The Ambassador of Joy is someone who serves as a role model by skillfully using joy and humor to improve the workplace both within and outside their department. The Ambassador of Joy has a unique talent for gauging the situation and finding the right moment to interject something funny, using humor in an appropriate manner being mindful and respectful of other’s feelings. He or she may know when a particular story or joke will be effective and uses humor and joy to improve the dynamics of the group. The Ambassador of Joy knows how to laugh at oneself and appreciates the sense of humor of others.

This year, we are presenting the Ambassador of Joy to someone who does just that. She shows such enthusiasm in her work and lifts the spirits of everyone she works with. She is always friendly, helpful, and such a good listener with her patients and co-workers. Congratulations to Kayla Otto as this year's Ambassador of Joy.

Ambassador of Unity - Bobbi Gofus, Home Medical Equipment Coordinator

Bobbi Gofus, Home Medical Equipment Coordinator at Crossing Rivers Health

The Ambassador of Unity is someone who easily builds relationships with individuals and groups. He or she makes a consistent effort to encourage trust and cooperation and frequently takes a leading role in fostering a positive and productive team spirit. The Ambassador of Unity always has a positive outlook and pleasant manner. He or she values diversity, accepts others, stimulates teamwork, and a good attitude in others.

This year, we are presenting the Ambassador of Unity to someone is a fantastic role model because of her easy going attitude, ability to teach others, and her active listening skills - all while upholding the Crossing Rivers Health Standards of Behavior. She is currently working on projects with several other departments within the organization to improve the patient/customer experience, all while keeping the departments fiscal responsibility in mind. Congratulations to Bobbi Gofus as this year's Ambassador of Unity.

Ambassador of Integrity - Kim Krogan, Payroll Accountant

Kim Krogan, Payroll Accountant at Crossing Rivers Health

The Ambassador of Integrity serves as a role model when it comes to ethics and values. He or she is highly respected for conscientiously walking the talk. The Ambassador of Integrity makes it a point to cultivate and support principles both in their self and others. He or she helps clarify tough ethical issues, knows the importance of guiding principles to the organization, and does an excellent job of rewarding and supporting the values of the organization. The Ambassador of Integrity provides inspiration for others, a vision for the future, and others choose to follow by example.

This year, we are presenting the Ambassador of Integrity to someone who is widely trusted and seen as a direct, truthful individual. She is able to present the truth in an appropriate and helpful manner, keeps confidences and does not misrepresent for personal gain. She is honest, friendly and respectful to patients, clients, visitors, and colleagues. She holds herself and others accountable for the Standards of Behavior and firmly believes in doing what’s right. She has been the trusted resource in her field for the past 30 years, with integrity being her compass to guide her. Congratulations to Kim Krogan as this year's Ambassador of Integrity.

Ambassador of Compassion - Patrick Stovey, Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Patrick Stovey, Clinical Exercise Physiologist at Crossing Rivers Health Rehab

The Ambassador of Compassion is someone who fosters a friendly and caring environment where the patient, visitors, and co-workers come first and where courtesy and sensitivity to the feelings of others thrives. He or she is someone who expresses concerns, empathy, and listens while acknowledging others ideas and concerns.

This year, the Ambassador of Compassion recipient is someone who listens carefully to his patients and meets every patient he works with “where they are at”. He doesn’t try to push what he feels his patient’s should do, he offers suggestions and options quickly gaining patients to trust him. He has a great personality which is noticed in his interactions with all of our patients, but has a unique ability to communicate with our handicapped population. He always makes sure that each patient he works with is comfortable and takes extra measures to ensure they are comfortable during their session. When a patient expresses worries or is in pain, he listens with empathy and tries to comfort them by offering suggestions for pain relief. He goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the department and actively strives to ensure the best outcome for every patient enrolled in our program. Congratulations to Patrick Stovey as this year's Ambassador of Compassion.

Ambassador of Excellence - Luke Hoffman, Radiologic Technologist

Luke Hoffman, Radiologic Technologist at Crossing Rivers Health

The Ambassador of Excellence serves as a role model for others to ensure both internal and external customer satisfaction is met. He or she provides excellent customer and patient satisfaction to every customer and patient, every time. The Ambassador of Excellence strives to continuously improve and provide the safest and highest quality care to exceed the expectations of those served and worked with.

This year, we are presenting the Ambassador of Excellence to someone who truly exemplifies all of the values of Crossing Rivers Health - Joy, Unity, Integrity, and Compassion, but most of all Excellence. He provides exceptional care to all patients he is entrusted with. He knows how to comfort young and old alike with a deeply caring attitude that is genuine and supportive. He receives many compliments from patients as well as from other department staff, which highlight how well he performs his patient care day in and day out. He ensures high quality care by communicating with providers to make sure the right exam is being done for the patient, thus providing great continuity of care. He is one that can be counted on for steady performance under pressure and is willing to do whatever is necessary to deliver excellent patient care. Congratulations to Luke Hoffman as this year's Ambassador of Excellence.

Ambassador of Provider Excellence - Sue McMillan, Nurse Practitioner

Sue McMillan, Family Nurse Practitioner at Crossing Rivers Health Clinic

The Provider of Excellence serves as a role model by demonstrating provider excellence through exemplifying quality care delivery, integrity, trust, compassion and providing the best quality care for every patient, every time.

This year, we are presenting the Provider of Excellence to someone who is compassionate, caring and desires the best for her patients. She is consistently recognized by patients as an excellent provider. Her desire to improve the patient experience is an example others can follow. She not only strives to do the best for her patient, but also for the organization. This is seen through her thoughtfulness of referrals to the specialists in the Center for Specialty Care. Through these referrals, she is helping to improve the organization and also keep care close to home. She is positive and has the best interest for the patient at heart. Her compassion is so sincere, and you can feel that she truly does care. She is a provider who is compassionate in her work and lends a listening ear in difficult times. She is trustworthy and quickly gains the confidence of her patients. She brings joy to her job and always has a smile on her face. Congratulations to Sue McMillan as this year's Ambassador of Provider Excellence.

Ambassador of Leadership - Chris Schroeder, Director of Obstetrical Services

Chris Schroeder, Director of Obstetrical Services at Crossing Rivers Health

The Ambassador of Leadership actively seeks the responsibility of leadership. He or she displays uncommon and consistent ability to effectively guide, direct, or influence people to achieve common goals. The Ambassador of Leadership is positive, and looks for constructive alternatives rather than negativity. He or she suggests changes to better the organization and is regularly relied upon for advice, assistance, and direction. He or she helps set vision and strategy and thoroughly understands the organization in its current state and its possible future.

This year, we are presenting the Ambassador of Leadership to someone who is considered to be a transformational leader by promoting collaboration between physicians, nurses and other healthcare members. She is a trusted individual who provides valuable insight and expertise to her unit and our hospital. She empowers her staff to function at a high level and to become more involved. All of these traits create a healthy environment that increases patient and staff satisfaction. She is always looking to improve processes in her area, keeping her staff engaged and involved in efforts to meet her department expectations and goals. When the unit is busy, she pitches right in and helps out her nurses with no questions asked even though her paperwork continues to pile up. She stands up for the rights of patients and her unit staff. She communicates effectively with her staff of changes and new things happening while also giving her staff the ability to make changes that may better the unit or making our work easier. She has developed a close knit unit where her staff works well together and patients comment about how they love her staff. Patients are very satisfied with the care they and their families receive while at the hospital. She is an inspiration and continues to send inspiring notes that make your day when you walk into work. Congratulations to Chris Schroeder as this year's Ambassador of Leadership.

Congratulations to all the recipients! We are proud to have you as members of the Crossing Rivers Health family.