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Urgent Care vs. ER - Where do I go?

You need to see a doctor. Good news - Crossing Rivers Health is here for you 24/7. Crossing Rivers Health provides all levels of care - primary care offered by Clinic providers, urgent care, and emergent care.

If you can't wait to see your primary care provider, care is available through urgent care or the emergency department. When coming to Urgent Care or the Emergency Department, you can enter through the Emergency Department entrance and register there with the registration associate.

A nurse will take your vitals, evaluate your symptoms, and determine if you should be seen by an Urgent Care provider or Emergency Department physician. At the end of your visit is when the determination is made on whether it was an Emergency Department or Urgent Care visit.

Different symptoms require different levels of care. The answer is not always easy, but this infographic may help.

Made with Visme Infographic Maker