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Why Is Making A Change To Your Exercise Routine Important?

From Austin Neis, Crossing Rivers Health Exercise Specialist

  • Do you find yourself doing the same exercise routine each time you are working out?
  • Do you ever wonder why you aren’t seeing the results that you were seeing when you started your new lifestyle?
  • Are you struggling to get out and exercise because your body and mind are telling you “it” doesn’t want to exercise?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, there might be an answer for why you are feeling this way. You may need to change up your exercise routine.

This doesn’t mean go from being a runner to just walking for your workout or vice versa. When I say change your workout, I mean to try something different or more challenging.

So, when is it time to switch up your exercise routine? Here are a few signs:

Your workout has become easy. If your routine is becoming a "walk in the park," then your body has adapted to your current routine. This usually happens to people when they have regularly exercised for 4 - 6 weeks.

You're bored! This can be typical for many. If you're finding every reason in the book to not take part in your workout for the day or week, you probably are becoming bored with your exercise routine.

Activities such as bike riding or swimming are great options for changing up your routine. Both activities are great for cardiovascular exercise, they will also burn calories.

Biking will require you to go a longer distance to achieve the same amount of calories burned compared to running. However, biking is still a great low impact exercise and gives you a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery we have around us.

You aren't seeing the changes you had hoped for. If you have made the change to become more active and aren't seeing any noticeable changes, you might not be working hard enough during your workout.

There are a number of ways to gauge whether you are working out hard enough. There are a lot of fitness tracking equipment and apps such as Fitbit, Apple watch, or heart rate monitoring on your smart phone that can help you track your workout intensity.

One simple tool to help gauge intensity and does not cost a dime is the talking test. If you are exercising and you can carry on a conservation with someone without having to stop your sentence to get more air into your lungs, you could be working at too low of intensity. This will constantly change when your body adapts to your exercise routine.

If you're reaching the point of too easy, then it's time to switch up your exercise routine. The goal is for your body to become a better machine, so if you're becoming bored or you aren't seeing any changes, then start mixing it up!

Austin Neis is a Exercise Specialist in the cardiac rehabilitation department at Crossing Rivers Health. For a list of programs offered by the cardiac rehab department, click here.